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Author: mikey

World server disconnect  

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Post on 2017-1-19 22:37 |All posts
When i try to login it says ''world server disconnected''. My username is agusoo
I have activated my account

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Post on 2017-1-19 22:40 |All posts
Also, I think, the same error shows if your account is banned

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Post on 2017-2-26 03:25 |All posts
why i cannot log in? it says the world server is disconnect??? and i dont have dollars to activate my account. i want to play it fo free . what am i supposed to do?? help me please..  my username is pazaway0823

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Post on 2017-3-3 03:14 |All posts
MY ACCOUNT IS STEELGODX AND  I have the same problem world server is disconect

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Post on 2017-3-3 05:37 |All posts
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Reply pazaway0823 's thread

The message of "world dissconect" will continue to appear until you active man srry... have no idea why the activation is still on 5$ its been a couple of months now... but you wont be able to get a conection until you activate thats for sure I know since i have 3 accounts non activated from the 5$ dlls fee

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Post on 2017-3-3 11:09 |All posts
i didnt know this game is pay for play.....

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Post on 2017-3-3 12:34 |All posts
It says you get the ingots and it's one time purchase. It's just you need to pay $5 to access the game, which is better to run 5 on your own, which means $25. If you care about pets, then that's another thing, i dont know how ingots work here on getting pets but I know if you look at pricing you see what pets you get, im not sure if you overspend you get that pet + the one behind it.
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2017-3-11 01:51 |All posts
I have activated the game a while back and don't have that option now on all my accounts. What's your solution to this? Also spent a lot of cash on mall for all the accounts, I find this fairly unfair.

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Post on 2017-3-14 16:00 |All posts
Reply mikey 's thread

new player. this is how I got mine done. goto the page where it says activate step 1. reenter your email. the same 1 u made the account with. follow instruction n active it. success! step 2 u will have to pay 5.00, 6.50 Canadian. when u do. success! your account will b ready to use now. will work if u follow these steps.

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Post on 2017-3-19 10:59 |All posts
the masssivveee bans
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