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Author: mikey

World server disconnect  

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Post on 2017-5-6 15:24 |All posts

Do not let me activate the account says that I have to recharge and I do not have electronic money

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Post on 2017-5-6 15:26 |All posts
MY Username is mathias

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Post on 2017-5-14 15:14 |All posts
When i try to login it says world server disconnected.
What's happening?
MY username is mudhi_m2h

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Post on 2018-1-11 16:13 |All posts
My username is bigproof08
i have the same issue

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Post on 2018-1-14 21:52 |All posts
same problem, username jetroh. help me open my account admin

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Post on 2018-1-14 22:21 |All posts
Reply jetroh 's thread

You need to pay a $5 fee before you can enter to this game
Some people call them daemons, I call them b*tches.
-Uncle Bourbon - Metro 2033

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Post on 2018-2-28 15:57 |All posts
so everyone has to pay the 5$ to activate it b4 they can play is the main idea, is that correct?  and im just comming back but are all our old ass toons from mw2/3 gone?  

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Post on 2018-6-18 07:00 |All posts
When i try to login it says world server disconnected.
AND my account is activated
what can i do?

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Post on 2018-6-18 07:20 |All posts
i haven't been playing for awhile i just tried to log in to my account and i figure that i cant login.

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Post on 2018-7-9 02:14 |All posts
Account Status :
[ UnActivated ]when I try to activate everything I did as needed, but still I am not an actuality
Security code Change

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