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Myth War II Online TDT Game Forum Forum Suggestions Do we need (player) GMs with Mute powers?
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Do we need (player) GMs with Mute powers?  

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Post on 2016-1-29 00:32 |All posts
Last edited by Rainy on 2016-1-29 01:05

I think it's time we have a look at the whining in world. Every day, all day. What is your opinion? Do we need interference?
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Post on 2016-1-29 04:50 |All posts
Only thing to mute for is spamming chat, who cares about the rest....


Rainy  No one really but then we'd still need someone available to do it lol  Post on 2016-1-29 05:24

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Post on 2016-1-29 05:27 |All posts
I think it's funny people voted for the 4th option players capable of behaving lol if i posted examples of when they are not, forums would crash cuz of a size overload

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Post on 2016-1-29 06:51 |All posts
I honestly have no clue why I even voted 1 cause they need to add a new feature.. 2 will be possible though. Drama what makes this game goes but if some guy asks "gibe gold" on local/world or constant spam, then yes...
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2016-1-29 07:43 |All posts
Yea lord rainy, let's turn the game into a dictatorship. Let me guess who u r suggesting for to be gm? you lord rainy? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
You're just salty af and mad we got the truth out in world. it's all good man. it's all good. no need to ruin mw cuz 1 joke


Rainy  I'm not mad lol. You can do whatever you want, I'm not even offended. However, I would like to see some more respect towards Rose on world.  Post on 2016-1-30 02:23

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Post on 2016-1-29 08:34 |All posts
ogfoxing posted on 2016-1-29 07:43
Yea lord rainy, let's turn the game into a dictatorship. Let me guess who u r suggesting for to be g ...

yea this would be a good option as long as the person does not play the game and is a member of tdt and not anyone currently on the game .we can see how people would play favorites and abuse it.

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Post on 2016-1-29 08:39 |All posts
i'm suprised you aren't banned yet rainy...that makes me a sad panda


TheBorg2000  LOL south park reference ftw.  Post on 2016-3-11 14:32

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Post on 2016-1-29 20:16 |All posts
since when u have to do that pool?


Rainy  I would like to see the results. Clearly the second one would mean only interference when things get plain out of hand. GM insulting, false accusations of hacking/scamming etc  Post on 2016-1-30 02:27

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Post on 2016-1-30 02:24 |All posts
Last edited by Rainy on 2016-1-30 02:26

Reply fajo11 's thread

And I should be banned, why, exactly? As far as I know, I'm one of the very few players that still abides all rules. Everywhere. I don't autowalk. I don't hack. I don't scam. I don't log other people's accounts without their permission or stalk/abuse them *he said very sneeringly*. so tell me, why should I be banned?

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Post on 2016-1-30 03:07 |All posts
stop trolling man..you know why
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