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Do you want mage country open? Is it a possibility now?  

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Post on 2016-2-16 03:10 |All posts
Last edited by orez103 on 2016-2-16 03:15

I know this is super highly unlikely, But is Mage Country maybe a possibility now we have new publisher? I don't think even Chinese mythwar has MageCountry, but i have been hearing talks of this mage country/town since MW1,

I would be happy even if we got a copy of another map maybe reverse/flip the image and add different NPCs and call it mage country lol Populate it with a dungeon(s) of some kind maybe? add a few new OP enemies that don't normally appear on the maps we already have (for players lvl97+ only?), and maybe its a stretch to ask this, maybe some sort of new quest too i don't know, even if it was something similar to stonesmith, but maybe give you DP instead (or anything doesn't have to be DP, but Wednesday event does get sometimes lol).

Should have maybe posted this in the suggestions forum.
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Post on 2016-2-16 03:50 |All posts
Sure, I don't see why not.  New game content is always nice. Not sure why would any player in their right mind would be against that.

But first they should fix all the bugs and polish the game. Like adding new game resolutions, HD option, new icons for items, balancing rewards for some quests (for example exp reward at Howling Beast is kinda garbage comparing to leveling at Tum 5 with 2x exp, there is no reason why would you do one over other, there should be some kind of trade off and choice/sacrifice to make rather than one being objectively worse, and waste of time comparing to other), etc.

And especially communication issues what TDT has with their customers, that should be priority number 1.

That all being said, I'm very skeptical it's ever gonna happen...  

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Post on 2016-2-16 21:39 |All posts
I dont think this would happen in next two or three years

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Post on 2016-2-18 11:39 |All posts
Last edited by orez103 on 2016-2-18 11:40

although i am also doubtful, i do think it would attract allot more older players to rejoin, bringing something fresh to MW2 now it has a new publisher, and i think Mage Chamber/Country/Town or whatever they're called, would be good additions to mythwar, i understand there is likley no new development, but this is why i would be happy to settle for an already used map, just slightly modified as mentioned above.

It would also give us something NEW to work towards, all of us in mw have been grinding away for the same old things since mw1, and im not crying about that, cause obviously here i am still playing lol, but it would be so awesome if we had a new area to do things in at higher levels, i would love to see a new area with some hard to kill mobs, harder than Evil Lair 4, (definitely for lv97+ to gain map exp still, and a new area for quest xp similar to defender/stonesmith quests.)

Hope you see this TDT and i hope its possible,
Look at poll, even with last choice, we can see players want Mage Country Map.

if its a thing of cost (not worth the cost of opening) i would ask you to not only consider the new players it would bring to relaunched mw2, but also, to cover your cost, sure, why not throw in a special requirement to enter mage chamber, like a quest or even to gain a key, and to those who want to gain key without doing quest, make key MALL ITEM, but make it sellable for in game gold to ensure circulation to those who dont use mall/also dont want to do quest.

(and to players that dislike what i have saiid about mall key, desperate times call for desperate measures, i really want to see New map, Even more than that mythical imaginary mw3 )

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Post on 2016-2-19 01:27 |All posts
Reply orez103 's thread

don't be impatient. New, small publishing company takes time and experience before they start building "new stuff". First they need to master and repair the broken old code, which is exactly why the releases untill now have merely been patches.


benni07  No tibike, you are broke, not TDT  Post on 2016-2-19 01:41
tibike333  Dear rainy they never can do a normal stuff because TDT using igg version game client and if they cant fixed in last months server connection.TDT is fail broken server  Post on 2016-2-19 01:38

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Post on 2016-2-19 01:39 |All posts
english version mw1 mw2  original publisher its igg don`t forget it.

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Post on 2016-2-19 01:41 |All posts
Last edited by Rainy on 2016-2-19 01:55

Reply tibike333 's thread

actually they've fixed it since they know the problem was one of their 3 connection servers, which is why some dced constantly while others had no problem at all. Also, they continue using IGG's version but the only difference with Spirit World's base version is the language in which the server messages pop up.

-> In reply to Tibike's comment, yes they could if it were illegal, but it's not. Go check the license and translate it, and then take a look at the company structure and you will be fairly convinced it's legit.
Also, China doesn't much enjoy, appreciate and enforce intellectual property rights. The license is purely justification and exemption of a lawsuit for the american host, not for TDT itself. However, they do get access to help from the original company if required with the license, because that's what they're actually paying for. Not that there's much left of it, just a small tech team (which has logged on the Rose account as well at times, which is why sometimes you get a different style reply than others).


tibike333  rainy you are good player .! just you need to understand tdt using mw2 english version game and igg can sue tdt because they using illegal game client english version from igg.  Post on 2016-2-19 01:47

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Post on 2016-2-19 02:29 |All posts
Last edited by orez103 on 2016-2-19 02:29

Reply Rainy 's thread

I understand, I only ask to see if its possible, even if i hear, yes possible to open new areas to the game, but will take 6 months, i dont mind, to be honest i have no complaints towards tdt, cause as far as im concerned, at least we can play mythwar now, if it wasnt for tdt there would be no mw, i just hope they plan to take it one step further and expand on it, if that means after what bugs are still currently present being fixed first, then so be it, but as long as we have a new area to look forward too.

Mage Town, Borg Town, Ice Wing City, seem to be the real "Myth" In Mythwar when igg ran it lol (again i understand that igg also didn't create the game so were probably also limited on what could be done, but isn't the original developers now none existent? this is why i proposed using ready made maps (wonder if it would be possible to get old map files from mw1 to populate new cities)


Rainy  IGG wasn't limited in terms of development as their holding company owned unigium. However, the team behind myth wars left because of IGG's bad treatment towards both staff and players.  Post on 2016-2-19 05:30

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Post on 2016-2-20 07:03 |All posts
Last edited by Rainy on 2016-2-20 07:04

Reply orez103 's thread

Well, first the easy part. Yes it's possible to add new areas ingame and it's as easy as uploading a pet. This must happen in the server files which then update the client upon connecting. patches like the bugwar patch can only adjust bytes already in the client, else it crashes on startup.

However: MW's coding is illogically hard. Too many things are intertwined and you can see it as a big puzzle: all the pieces must fit otherwise the jigsaw pieces don't connect when you try adding new pieces. That's why the focus right now is still fixing the base game which TDT picked up where IGG left off.
There is a second twist. Because of the many things that are intertwined, a code change in for example part 1 might break part 128. Combining that with the inexperience still with the code which practically must be reverse engineered first and the small size of the team because mw still has no stable amount of mall buyers and presto - your equation is complete: yes it might take a while but sure it's possible and likely to appear in the future.

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Post on 2016-2-20 11:19 |All posts
Last edited by orez103 on 2016-2-20 11:21

Reply Rainy 's thread

ohh okay i think i understand better now, well if TDT plan on putting in the work for the long term (commitments to expanding the game as you mentioned) i am happy to become a regular mall buyer, i have made a few small recharges, but a little reluctant to make the leap and go in heavy cause of worries of the games future, but if opening the whole northern continent (including mage town) is on the map is on the table + all the fixes with code you mentioned, i would be happy to support TDT in the form of recharge and hope others would be too

I would love to see some of the old mythwar 1 maps make a return in the form of new maps to mw2, i feel this game has so much potential, i hope the fixes to the coding can be made
I also believe alot of players believe TDT can make this happen and have good faith in TDT judging by the poll, as the Yes option has more votes than the Yes but never gonna happen option lol, this is good.
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