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Mythwar in a nutshell    

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Post on 2016-3-23 01:24 |All posts
Just a funny look into MW a list of things all players know lol, i wrote this out of BOREDOM,  if there is anything you want in/out of the list, things you agree or disagree with, comment below.

Character races

Finds it most easy to get into parties, often backed up by the constant "2 slots for XYZ NEED MAGES" messages being spammed in world chat, this stays true for any of your typical map quests Wood/Bly/Seal etc... but you are mainly needed for mobs, But you guys spend the most on pots for sure!

The second most sought after class in the game for parties, althoughyou can never find one when you need one lol, this is backed up by the constant "Last slot for Cent in XYZ Come Fassst" messages in world chat, these seem to be spammed the longest xD

Everyone needs you no one wants you lol, Humans find it difficult to get into parties, not surprising as most parties only need 1, party leaders can relate to spamming for 10 minutes to fill that last slot for a mage or a cent, and maybe 4-5 different humans apply xD

They only want you if your reborn! Borgs in my opinion without a doubt, must fight it most difficult to level up, well maybe not level up, but definitely most difficult to join parties (with humans falling 2nd) You find it hard to join parties to help you level, but you find it funny that once all other races have levelled they suddenly need you for rb fights etc lol

Leading Parties

Nobody, and i mean Nobody, wants to lead xD confirmed by people spamming world "Looking for leader for Drow/Seal/wood" pre-reborn, people will lead when they have to you may notice most leaders are those who struggle to find parties in the first place (im looking at the Borgs and Humans of the game xD) but once reborn, those who may have lead before, lay in wait for the non reb to stick that flag up cause you know you have more of a chance of being accepted than others now lol

Oh and reborn Mages rarely lead, unless its him and his alts xD Mages Love that auto button+F9, but we dont mind when you go afk, cause we love you guys xD

Mass DC

You just used your last tear, you spent 400k on it, you FINALLY! Found a cent to join your seal party, you leave bly bar, head up to souther rivage, then BOOM! 20% of players get DC LOL you and 2 other members of your party DC at the same time, as well as people in world chat and on your friends list, Your tear is gone, The Cent is now AFK, The RB Mage was AFK all along and doesn't even know he got DC LOL you begin to reflect on life


Someone once told me Mythwar is now a singleplayerMultiplayer game lol, MW1, alts were used as extra Bags only, (especially to hold mokkas LOL) Now, MW is plagued with full teams of 5 run by 1 person, this also makes it difficult for brand new players to mythwar to find parties, but unfortunanly, in its current state, most use alts, and prefer it this way, the only multiplayer aspect for those, are trade & world chat/friends.

New Players

Yes they exist, i have seen a few times now, brand new mythwar players, reaching level 6, and immediately asking for help on what to do next on world chat and being ignored or overlooked by other players, not to say anyone is to blame for this, but, when you look at it, the only reason most of us know how to play mythwar is cause of previous experience with the game, we don't pay attention to NPC's or dialogue, but for the brand new player who IS paying attention to NPCs and dialogue cause they don't know that the translation is full of errors and of course, leads them to being confused as to what to do, then proceeding to ask in world chat lol

In Game Prices

Ohhhh the economy xD when i first started IGG MW2, DPs were 50k (a player recently told me he started and they were 10k) they quickly rose to 100k, 150k, 200k, 300k, 350k, etc, by the time, i quit IGG MW, I saw some vendors selling DPs 700k each!
Currently TDT MW is following same suit, my day 4 in TDT MW2, i bought some DPs from vendors for 80k, now on average i see selling for 150k-200k who knows what the price will be in 6 months lol although some good sellers still spam Market selling for 100k if you buy in bulk.
The price rise isnt the same for everything though, so prices are falling, Flame
nix SSP were 2mill normal a few weeks ago, now i buy mine from Market 900k-1.2mill
(Take note on the price of Vival EXP Scrolls though, they are now 1.2 O.o)

Your addicted to MW

You want to quit, you know you should, but you cant!
You know there are much better games out there, but your not going anywhere lol, You know this isnt 8/10 years ago when you had a crappy windows xp PC with less than 500gb on it, your PC is good enough to run the latest in MMO Games on the highest specs possible, BUT, You cant help but use all that new ram and processing power on running 10 alts/mules on mythwar LOL xD

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Post on 2016-3-23 02:09 |All posts
this is scary accurate

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Post on 2016-3-23 06:57 |All posts
Sad but true lol
I'd add that this game is nostalgic at least for me, I first played this game when I was 11-12 y/o and now I'm playing again with 20, it brings me good memories xd

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Post on 2016-3-23 11:25 |All posts
And the funny part is we love the game but don't like who ever running it because they can't make the changes that we really want. sad but true.
Only if the creator was around to complete the game and fix his mistakes.

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Post on 2016-3-24 03:22 |All posts
Not to mention that you plan what you do next on Mw, way better than how you plan your real life stuff, example:

Tomorow i gotta do seal, after that i spam 20x r6, gotta use the gold to lvl my mage skills, then after i reach yellow rank i do this and this and this....

No wonder i call this game "MythCrack"

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Post on 2016-3-24 16:24 |All posts
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benni07 posted on 2016-3-23 14:22
Not to mention that you plan what you do next on Mw, way better than how you plan your real life stu ...

I guess it goes down to what first mmo you played. Mythwar wasnt one of the first mmo's I played, another game was but it changed as time went on, maybe best for this one going from mw1 to mw2, and now there's a private server for that game in almost the similar era when I was 12yrs, mw1 was when I was 16, so...
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2016-3-24 19:45 |All posts
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Stormknight posted on 2016-3-24 16:24
I guess it goes down to what first mmo you played. Mythwar wasnt one of the first mmo's I played, a ...

The first MMO i played was Wonderland Online, but that was different as i only played a few hours back then, and uninstalled it, Myth War II was the very first MMO i played and "Stayed" after i decided to give it another try, in late 2011, as i have tried it before already with a friend in real life who showed me this "game". (I miss the STR Human i made back then and dropped at lvl 26 cuz Stonesmith became hell)

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Post on 2016-3-24 21:15 |All posts
I don't think I even lasted 1wk on wonderland even if mw2 was out. 2010-2011 I think was the time I wanted to try qutting by finding other games but couldnt they didn't feel to my liking, I couldn't find where people wanted to group just for fun anymore, they all out for themselves, etc and sadly all mmorpgs post 2002 are probably going to be like that. I believe the golden eras of mmorpgs are ff11 and everquest, there are private servers out for them now and has been for awhile but it's just finding one with 200+ players online everyday and not some multi client user based servers, the ones that restricts to 1-2 clients per live person.
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2016-4-20 00:52 |All posts
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Myth war is a great game, the pets, the holys, the reb thing, but the problem are the owners!!! Why we have the same game from last 10 years??? Mw is basically the same maps, quest of the first mw, mw2 and this one!... The gm need to learns about manage a game! For example Wow and this one has almost the same age... But wow get more lvls, places, quests, monsters, etc! And wow never never going to die!!!!!  But some players like me prefer this grafics, this idea of game, but is horrible how this game dont advance and stay in the same place for years and years!!! Mage countries ? Borg place?? The idea of new places is on but never make it real! Is nice when a event come and we get transported to other place.. Because blyton, wood, desert is basically where we live... Is like a little house for a big family!! We need a bigger house, with more rooms, more places to stay and play, more places to ground up! The land of third rebs for example... You can access when yo reach it... I repet is a great idea with bad owners, more merchandise for the game more publicity... I ear again from this game for a old mw friend if wasent for him i never know this is run again!!! Alot of people searching for a game like this but without bugs, with more places and things to do, and with free registration... If dontclike the idea of alot chart for same players get a restriction like no more then 5 charts for ip or something like that... Better game is equal to more people and more $$$ but this owners is like they dont understand it!!!!

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Post on 2016-4-20 10:49 |All posts
some of what your saying is out of order and make no sense but i get what your trying to say and yes your right but hackers is a problem that needs to be dealt with, hackers are what makes a game no more fun, once we get rid of them then this game can become alot more fun, and there needs to be alot more people working on this game and making it better
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