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Why is there normal monsters if you get shi-t exp from them  

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Post on 2016-5-20 07:33 |All posts
like realy atlest make x4 or x5 this crazy no one hunt for normal monsters

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Post on 2016-5-20 21:54 |All posts
Who do not enjoy killing a mob with a ko puch!!! ESPECIALLY 100K CRIT ON CHINCHILLA LV 1..THAT FEELING

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Post on 2016-5-20 23:39 |All posts
Adding 5x-10x exp boost on maps would break the  game in many ways:

1-It would beat the purpose of HB, Wood def, Bly Def, and Seal.

2-People would become terribly lazy, so much, that they would only level on those certain exp boost days, the above mentioned quests would never be spammed anymore.

3-People will be able to reach lvl  97 way to fast, with little effort, considering people would only go to maps after they got two instant kill mages in their party to help them.

Do you still think adding a exp boost to maps is a good idea?

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Post on 2016-5-21 01:35 |All posts
yes i do but lets make 5x-10x exp like a monthly event or something to limit people from being lazy, yes igg had it every week but if TDT made it a monthly event that would be better and there will probably be less people *itching about x10 exp,so if yall think having it monthly is a good idea then we should go for it

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Post on 2016-5-21 12:04 |All posts
Reply jamouyi 's thread

1x per month would not be a bad idea but i wouldn't recommend it anyway, sooner or later it would end up being weekly and then, well you already know what would happen.

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Post on 2016-5-21 23:22 |All posts
yes but if they keep it monthly and dont change it no matter what then it can be a good thing, they just need to fix the game, add more stuff to the game, and bring in more people to play the game

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Post on 2016-5-21 23:54 |All posts
Last edited by benni07 on 2016-5-21 23:54

Reply jamouyi 's thread

But considering the fact TDT changes their mind quite a lot, after some players starts to beg for weekly 10x exp, we definitely would end up having it weekly

I doubt bringing new players would be easy considering it costs 5$ to create a account.

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Post on 2016-5-22 06:27 |All posts
i thought they made account free, or did they change it back after a month ?, and they should keep it monthly even if they beg, and TDT really needs to remove the 5$ thing completly, i never paid to create an account and i waited a month before it was free

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Post on 2016-8-5 00:17 |All posts
creating accounts is once again free. there is, however, a 5 account limit per IP now.

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Post on 2016-8-25 18:29 |All posts
Last edited by Teknor on 2016-8-25 18:31

I am sick and tired of people, making up crazy ideas (not implying that you should not provide ideas) and then when they get shutdown, they remain floating in the air and not attempting to improve on it.

Fact is Mr.Benni, "you said Adding 5x-10x exp boost on maps would break the  game in many ways:
1-It would beat the purpose of HB, Wood def, Bly Def, and Seal."

Mate. I have a party with 5 level 50s, attempting to do wood def. We cannot do wood def, because the monsters are hitting over 7k damage. Please tell me, how that is fair? PLease tell me, how that is balanced. I literally have to ask SECOND REBBED mages for help. SECOND REBBED, for a level FIFTY QUEST! Does that make any sense to you? Because if it does, then your in the wrong line of work.

I agree that 4x or 5x or 10x is exps is too much on the weekend. HOWEVER, if you do 2x bonus exp on the weekend. 1. That would not be overkill 2. That would not defeat the purpose of wood def (they can always turn back to wood def when they ran out of double exp hours) etc... since people cannot even do it without having reborn characters in their party and 3. I am on the verge of quiting this game because leveling takes too long, bearing in mind we do not know the future of TDT (in regards to the running of this game).

A bloody clock has not even been added on the main website BUT, BUT MR. Staffs have made sure, that in the Wednesday Event questions, in regards to the question "Which Company is running Myth war 2?" Oh Oh Oh OH They certainly edited that question to suit their needs.

Almost the entire player base, Im assuming, is filled with fans back from IGG etc... You need to realise that if those players were not "fans", they would of left the game on the first day of playing.
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