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Tnew Begging..

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Post on 2016-8-14 23:15 |All posts
Just a screenshot of a conversation with Tnew begging me not to PK him while he hunts Dragonballs

I agreed not to PK him while he agreed to sell me 1x Dragonball #7

And he just used an alt account to hunt the Dragonball and sold it to Meteorito_ ...

(This is just to show screenie while giving context)
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Post on 2016-8-14 23:23 |All posts
Last edited by BofDragon on 2016-8-14 23:25

my goodness this guy is one big baby. Lol everyone on phoenix says he was only good because everyone quit the game. Guy looks like a joke I've even seen him quit war cause one team killed him over and over. he has over so many alts what a tryhard scrubby

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Post on 2016-8-16 22:30 |All posts
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ehh.. before mw closed with IGG I was racing him 2fborgs(mine), 2 mages(of dragonrojo's he bought from tnew), 1 cent (600+ int, 80k hp gemmed, borrowed elven+5). He wanted to do 2 13s and I do 1 13 and 3 14s(for so called even exp) to level up new chars and I remember him complaining he cant do canes because two people from dragon are doing them, but yet sold the chars... funny thing I did notice he was logging chars not his to race me in 12s because I was instanting them, anyway old drama... sigh Idont know why we cant get along
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Post on 2016-8-16 23:17 |All posts
wow such a good english speaker, Ill ask him where he learnt so I can get as good as him rofl

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Post on 2016-8-17 20:55 |All posts
o that's real easy, just be born in a spanish country
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