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The Salt of 2016

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huehuehue how is everyone enjoying the leveling the old fashioned way without freebies? Yes, let's level on canes/robbers without making sets to make mages full int 600 speed to do them to permanently remove speed bugs WITHOUT ssp using bangle of force and use methods otherwisely not possible without them (I.E remove bangle from one char to adjust speed). Let's go get instant 3-97 in a day as long you have 2 instant mages where you can auto walk while you sleep or work. Let's think that this will improve wars... sadly no it helps humans outspeed golden tiger as long you have almost perfect agi set with elvens+5 but what of the Dark Shadow pet that gets 800 speed non eye and boned iirc as nonrb no agi added? (oh yes, let's just make where game makes less cash because the mallers that pvp would quit...) Oh wait let's cry about jumping over and over without having to wait replinish mp when you can do that in fights when it was old thing.

Was bored when writing this.

Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2016-11-8 03:18 |All posts
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Reply Stormknight 's thread

So salty
I like it as now, at least you have to put some more effort in your stuff, instead of just having everything easy (BoF)

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Post on 2016-11-9 01:51 |All posts
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Nah people will just want it more easier than the carebear game it already is and "try" different things like solo mage robbers with 2rb team...
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.
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