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Should be removed the 5$ tax for register?    

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Post on 2017-3-28 23:13 |All posts
      I think is the time to get that 5$ tax register off , cuz this game don't get any new players and a lot of old players quited or will quit cuz to few ppl playing this game and is boring a game with 10-30 players .
     Maybe cuz of hackers you guys do not remove that tax , but with or without that hackers the game will close soon , cuz as we see the players number decrease by evry day so soon no more players and no more money and profit for you guys and that's sad for us no game for you no money .
     Why is hard to think a lil in perspective , no one wanna play into a game with few players cuz is boring , try to bring more ppl in this game , make it populated and your profits will increase a lot is logic and normal .
     And about money , you wont get any loses on money if you revome that tax cuz the players who pay the tax obivous will recharge for ignots to so no more money you just keep the non-mallers players outside and that players in game in future also can make some recharge's sometimes so the tax remove will get more money then that 5$ per account.

     Also soon the mallers wont hav for who to buy mall stuff so also the recharge's will stop ( why they should recharge if no players ) , why you guys don't try a different way?It's clearly the game is more in coma by evryday , or you guys just are good? you taked more money than you expected ? but why to don't make more if you can? it's that hard to listen about players opinions?

    Last poll i saw worked a lil , ppl got unbanned maybe you guys are not happy cuz of that deciosion but think a lil , if i say bad things for game or not , and if the game is good , your bank accounts will be good to . Just give a try and listen to players sometimes cuz sometimes we hav some good ideeas for game cuz we play this game and we know what will be nice for it or not.

       Also i am not saying to listen to evry player just to majority and polls is not that hard .
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Post on 2017-3-28 23:22 |All posts
Agree, while this 5$ fee is good to get rid of hackers (Players I most hate) it became somewhat useless, since there are still a lot of people I see, becoming max lvl in a couple of days-weeks, I have some friends who would love to play this game again with me, but can't just because of this.

This is not how things should be to be honest, TDT could put a bit of effort to patch those exploits the cheaters are using, and that's it.

Or simply, keep banning them, we don't need cheaters in our community.

There are barely new players joining because of this register fee.

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Post on 2017-3-28 23:27 |All posts
Also a lot of players complaing about no new players is boring to hav the same players and know all the server cuz are just 20 players , are more chars 3rd than non reb or 1st is not normal this.

Also the economy of server is broken , or better to say isnt exist cuz to few players and evry1 sells for how much they wanna , we need more players to get a good and stabily economy of server , will help a lot if this game will get some players.

   Also like benni said you can handle with this hackers and also the non-populated game is more worst cuz soon will close if all will quit . so better think for a solution.

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Post on 2017-3-28 23:39 |All posts
Pay 5 dollars to try the game sounds desperate.
Let the new people to  see how beautifull the game is , and im sure they will buy some ingots for some items. there arent any new players and i dont think they will soon be any..

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Post on 2017-3-29 04:14 |All posts
Totally agree with all this exposed I would like that mw2 be another free of payment to be able to return to the game and to have many users who donate ^^

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Post on 2017-3-29 05:59 |All posts
This version has always been shit ever since wednesday event was thrown in by IGG. . . Atleast then holies was being made because people did guild mines, you can't 1st reborn in 1week, only downfall was and still now is gold not being drained from system but atleast it was being cycled with gold limit under 80m back in 2008-2009 for lv104s.  
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2017-3-29 07:26 |All posts
this game will fall.

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Post on 2017-3-29 16:15 |All posts
it will ...

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Post on 2017-4-1 03:53 |All posts
Everyone has the same opinion in which direction this game has to change and it's a very logical opinion. The more people who the play game, the more money TDT will make and it will be more fun for the people who already play. The only thing stopping new players from joining is the $5 account payment. I know it isn't the players choice but TDT really needs to listen to the people. We're trying to keep this game alive as long as possible which will benefit both the players and TDT. There are other ways to stop hackers. If they want to continue playing Mythwar the $5 per account will not stop them. It will only stop new players from getting a chance to see if they enjoy Mytwar. I understand TDT doesn't have magic to change things in the blink of an eye, it takes time to make changes and this change is crucial to get more new players. TDT should listen to the community, we give great advice which will benefit both parties.
Stay a while and listen

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Post on 2017-4-13 09:25 |All posts
Game isn't being Promoted . New players don't know about game except former players and new players who come and not being helped -> quits. if we have to charge 5usd for creating an account, make it worth it. and banning me, Good 1 TDT, smooth move


benni07  Why did you get banned anyway???  Post on 2017-4-13 09:38
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