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Myth War II Online TDT Game Forum Forum Service Center Should be removed the 5$ tax for register?
Author: Habbar

Should be removed the 5$ tax for register?    

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Post on 2017-4-14 07:48 |All posts
Reply Superman 's thread

asked/request for a refund

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Post on 2017-4-17 10:52 |All posts
I really want to play this game again but, I do not want to pay $5 for activation for each account. I may mall a bit only when I know this game is worth it

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Post on 2017-4-17 23:08 |All posts
Reply Superman 's thread

Did you get the refund?
Stay a while and listen

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Post on 2017-4-18 23:42 |All posts
people getting refunds and think server will amt to something

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Post on 2017-5-24 00:46 |All posts
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I got banned because my uncle refunded his account, and my aunt logged into his account once on her IP and since she had also logged into my account on her IP, they banned my account as well... and now there's a $5 fee to start any other account. I'm pretty pissed...

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Post on 2017-5-25 05:10 |All posts
Admin: Let's just kill this game.

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Post on 2017-5-25 23:17 |All posts
go look how many players remained to play this game.. Dragon is just desert, and same is becoming in Phoenix.
That $5 will not recruit any new players.....
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Post on 2017-5-26 07:43 |All posts
for those of you who requested a refund, did they give it?
Stay a while and listen

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Post on 2017-5-29 05:38 |All posts
Last edited by Superman on 2017-5-28 16:39

maybe 50% chance

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Post on 2017-5-29 12:36 |All posts
Err no one will get a refund no matter what it is...
Not the creator of patch......
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