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Author: lolsowtf123

Perfect and non perf mages  

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Post on 2017-4-4 13:34 |All posts
Stormknight posted on 2017-4-4 11:35
I did full agi 3-92 h-h-c-m = 1002 speed w/o int reset, then did reset agi till it had 500 INT, it  ...

Actually I can confirm you only get the perfect reb bonus once, but it has to be perfect on 104. One of my mages went yellow (death IV left out) on 104 and she┬┤s the one affected, so apparently as long as you perfect reborn on 104 you should get neg bonus... I cant confirm further cause 104 that one mage was the only i left yellow on 104, and even tho i put her dark blu on 144 she hits less than the mage than went perfect on all 3 rebs

So its kind of a grey area... on wich it seems 1rst reb its important to perfect and if you miss that one going perfect on 2nd and 3rd wont get ya the neg bonus

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Post on 2017-4-4 15:13 |All posts
Anyone tried reborn path for mage like this:

not mage- not mage - mage - mage?

I might be noobing out with how reborn growth is gained but, but shouldn't "mage" in theory grant more int gain then "f-borg".?

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Post on 2017-4-5 03:25 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-4-4 16:47

4x mage perfect is 12k less than xx-xx-fb-mage if they weren't fb nonrb or 1st rb... I used to have a ss but I deleted everything when IGG closed.
Edit: forgot to mention that damage difference was at 164 naked.
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Post on 2017-9-6 22:12 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-12-4 22:14

Update: My 2-124 2rbmage NOT reborned from mages but from 1st rb fborg atleast I won't 3rd IS twice the strength as my mage-mage 1-124s back then as perfect paths using the same sets.

Not to get off topic, INT growths seems to weigh more than the perfect reborn bonus, is the reason we do not see the small change it does.

Tested from Salvaged nonmcent->Fborg->FMage

Now as 2-144 mage

Case Closed

21 neg, 41 max dark <--this automatically tells me by 3-100 she'll be same damage as StormCentury with less INT as a mage(norb)-mage(1strb)-fborg(2ndrb)-mage(3rdrb).
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Post on 2017-12-1 04:46 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-11-30 15:48

Further a do... I did my own testing with a mage-mage-fborg-mage path...

This is with damage set(set is not good at all, however a lot of int boost, 21 neg and 40+max)

Note: Pet in this screenshot is a lv160 tauren vs a 3-92 mage.



Note: Pet got changed in this screenshot to a lv66 nonrb crescent wolf.
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Post on 2017-12-1 15:13 |All posts
Yup, that's the thing alot of people dont understand, is yes your skills also directly affect your growth damage, not just how many lvs beyond 100 and 120 you get. Skills lv ups before reborn also affect dmg, even if both mages have the same int points. Also over-all base resistance as a percentage WHOLE affect your dmg too. When a 3rd rb mage is bugged and loses -20 trademark res, they also suffer damage loss to by like 3-4k dmg

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Post on 2017-12-2 08:24 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-12-1 19:35

A hum-hum-cent-mage at 3-92 can easily kill a hum-hum-fborg-mage 3-164 mage with no mage resists, yes, it's true...

f.borg-f.borg-f.borg-mage(some guy from igg did this build) = 4k more damage than a full mage with heavy critical.

cent-fborg-fborg-mage(done by me in igg) = 4k more damage than 3x f.borg to mage

xx-xx-fborg-mage(not from mage) = 4k more damage than cent-2x f.borg-mage.

Overall the damage difference on full mage with full int vs not being from fborg = 16k damage loss naked by 164(I didn't know there was this such a bug that reduce damage, but if it's true then 20k?). In other words mage-mage-fborg-mage = approximently 20k more damage by 164 full int. If you removed int, let's say you had almost 1100 and wanted 900'ish to add some agi, your damage will drop enough to still deal 100k+ IV by 164.

Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2017-12-2 20:30 |All posts
x-x-f.borg-mage aways get 16k+ damage than a full mage?

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Post on 2017-12-2 21:41 |All posts
can some1 explain for noobs? ty

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Post on 2017-12-2 21:58 |All posts
simple if u reborn one mage from nonrb-3rb on mage, you have a mage with very low damage!
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