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Perfect and non perf mages  

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edmond posted on 2017-12-2 08:41
can some1 explain for noobs? ty

In other words the damage won't be maximum, you'll lose 12-16k damage safe to say and this was tested long ago with lv164 mages. You could keep a second reborn mage from 1st reborn female borg as long you were not female borg at non-reborn and end up doing more than what a 3-164 mage does who maxed their skills everytime they reborn. StormCentury could probably do about 120k Ice IV in patron at 2-144 if I use INT ess'ed sets, which I do not currently own, but I do gain +30 or so int from bases on armor and helm combined. Downside to StormCentury, I cannot 3rd reborn her, as she will lose her growth, but will have permanent aurora lions in robbers and Wednesday event character since lv160s cannot do it anymore.
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3rd reb weaker than 2rb
only at Bug Wars
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