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Mythwar 2 as it is...  

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Post on 2017-4-9 15:20 |All posts
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1. Titans: No longer viable due to wednesday event.2. Disciple: Long hard fight but people that did not have control caused it.
3. Survival: Flood of gold on server making gold useless = increased prices that makes us want to vomit.
4. Guild Mines: SDS and carns are only reason for this... Used to be used for TP long long ago...
5. Speed bugs... making you rage because you cannot have 80-100 speed apart going in random order...
6. Character Status Growth bugs, let's just say you gain more benefits from rolled holies than you do from real character sta, int, str, agi...
7. Pet/character  bugs with critical, zerk, combo does not work like they should.
8. Wednesday event: Floods carns but yet tiresome boring event, would break market basically if removed, since people do not want to play the risk game(I know I am not the type)...
9. Saint Patron: Time zones doesnt fit for all english, some are sleeping at it's time of start... BEST thing tho for grinding if you can do it. Simple solution was midday and night so NA/Euro can do, but oh well.
10: Pets are ridiculously overpriced in usd...
11: Server unstable... I have far better connection in ch mw2 shockingly in NA.
12: Gold ingot auctioneer is broken since IGG.
13: Collector NPC: this is understandable one... We lost this one with igg because people complained how survival was useless, survival got buffed, and we lost this.

List can go on and on, congratulations on another broken community, not by igg/tdt, but people wanting to rush instead of have fun . Only thing TDT done wrong is pets pricing and it basically a fake company.

Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2017-4-10 08:47 |All posts
And now I´ve heard theres nix-migrated-ch mw2-people already max lvl team... buying 3-164 chars on ch mw2 already so sad for that community... nix cancer moved into chinese mw2

No idea why to play if you buy a max char already thats the only thing to do pretty much on the game...

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Post on 2017-4-10 08:56 |All posts
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Reply koriotto 's thread

Worst is, I feel guilty as hell for it. Yes, I am blaming myself for sharing my patch for free to the wrong people.

Poor chinese players, I hope this mass migration doesn't affects their economy.

Personally, I try to keep a nice game experience for myself, by blocking every single person who maxed chars for $.

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Post on 2017-4-10 09:58 |All posts
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koriotto posted on 2017-4-9 19:47
And now I´ve heard theres nix-migrated-ch mw2-people already max lvl team... buying 3-164 chars on  ...

what is worst about it, we had 2 chinese players in our guild willing to help if they could, also if you sit in elder zone chineses will random apply to your party for patron...
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2017-4-10 21:12 |All posts
Well to be completely honest guys, buying a max level character in Chinese myth war is not going to do much.  They have over 300k play ID's with probably more max characters than the English version so I don't see that having an impact on their game. There's a lot more things to do in the Chinese version if you are comparing it to the English version btw not just spamming survival.  So please explain why you think people buying max characters will impact the game so much?

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Post on 2017-4-10 22:54 |All posts
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goldenboots posted on 2017-4-10 21:12
Well to be completely honest guys, buying a max level character in Chinese myth war is not going to  ...

Well I see your point wich is totally valid and true, still buying a max level character would impact in 2 way in my opinion (BIG DISCLAIMER: this is MY OPINION, so yeah everyone is entitled to think if its right/kinda in the middle/totally wrong)

1.-You start in the goal/end?... every quest and even pets are accesories to getting there, to make it easier for you to (for example) do higer survival rounds, pets/aods are not necessary  but they help, they are good accesories, theres no good rewards of vival on chinese i get it so then u do what? wars? patron.. for a max lvl char? farm eggs... sure haha someone who bought straight into 164 will surely grind and farm... wich gets me to-->
2.-Totally remove the grinding the game designed (I mean that IS the game) getting gems.. combining them... getting talents, getting gold upgrading ur skills... getting higher level... doing reb quests... etc etc/ but no... going 124/164 pretty much you go straight (again) into the end game

Then that leads to the typical " if developers added more content! this is boring wth!", well sure is boring if you start in the end... even if its the SAME game you already played 1000 times on eng version I mean thats exaclty what you do when you create a new borg, a new mage... etc just to "make that cane easier..." or "to get that r27 easier" thats the whole point of the game going from the beggining grinding... haha

But as I said thats MY opinion, some ppl might like to play just to have every pet/aod/max characters party there is on the game and then? again.... if you buy it all u instant ur self ahah
And to end just a BIG WARNING: I´ve known on ch-mw2 the BANS are real... so just be careful when talking even on pm bout "I bought this pet/char...from this or that guy"  even to friends,  or soon it will be mass banning time!... its pretty obvious for Gms when a 2-144/3-164 char suddenly out of the blue starts speaking english/spanish hahahaha as I´ve said even on "pm" wich some ppl think its "safer to discuss things on pm" dont know why... since it stills pass through the game server- gets logged and back into ur friends pc... just... be smart  bout what u type in game

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Post on 2017-4-10 23:08 |All posts
All fair points, yes Myth War is not a game for impatient people.  However, we all know what it was like in mw1 when you had to level skills   If people got jobs/are busy with school or what not now, its hard to spend that much time on a game.  If you want to skip the grind and do other quests/things on the game (because ch mw is different than eng) people should be able to try these new things and have new pets if they like. Also a lot of the people who bought max level characters in Chinese mw have max level characters in the English version. All I'm saying is the people who have played this game have got older and have got jobs/school.  If they have the disposable income to spend on a game why not? I'm sure we've all bought a video game before lol

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Post on 2017-4-10 23:16 |All posts
and now we all got banned ..
Tymaryu here

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Post on 2017-4-10 23:27 |All posts
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Reply goldenboots 's thread

I now bro thats why the big disclaimer xD games are meant to be played any way you like xD
It was my share of opinion wich I really bealieve lead to a toxic community on Nix server, was just warning on a few points I saw being repeated... so the outcome is most likely to be the same.. a toxic new community BUT on chinese server haha...

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Post on 2017-4-10 23:28 |All posts
amaregin93 posted on 2017-4-10 23:16
and now we all got banned ..

Dang =7 if its true that was FASTER than usual even for ch mw2 gms
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