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Author: Stormknight

Mythwar 2 as it is...  

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Post on 2017-4-11 04:09 |All posts
Last edited by BofDragon on 2017-4-11 04:23

lol this is what happens when you tell everyone in there brother ch mw is there. seems alot of people got wrecked by Ch gm's Lol. I bet it was silly brs or those jaja who just ran on world the second they got lvl 6 and Chinese nuked everyone Lol. can't believe people joined a new server then just threw usd to make max lvl chars whats the fun in that.

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Post on 2017-4-11 04:15 |All posts
Last edited by JACKHKG on 2017-4-11 19:00

now everyone just got a 3-164 char.
and all of you just keep buying items at double price and sell sds/egg at shit price for fast money. so now the school kids is going to increase all the price for all player.
i dont want to care anymore.
i am just going to play this game with some fd/players who are willing to pay attention/ their heart to the game, no matter how much time they can spend.
i dont give a fuck to everything now.
i just want to play my own game.
and all of you can do everything yourself with your 3rb team.
i cant do anything more for you as i just want to help some newbies in the game.it is not meant that i am angry for you all buying a 3rd, but i think it's time for English players to play your own game.

( ps. if you dont know why i have to be so rude. just try to be asked for help in every hours, every mins. by everyone you dont know.
"hey jack, help me to find someone for lvling from lvl6-21 pls."
"hey jack, how can i make gold fastly?"
"hey jack, how much xxx is?"
"hey jack, can you help me to buy xxxx? i need a deity"
"hey jack, can you find a team for rb?"
"hey jack, i need to buy ingots/items by usd, you can help me find g m right?"
"hey jack, is ray here? tell him to pm me?" (when ray is talking on the world channel)

yes, of coz, there might be 3/4 ppls who know English and Chinese here.
but let's try to be asked by all strangers the same questions for a week.
and pls keep using me as a tool. i must have a responsibility for helping all of you, even you didnt talk with me in any other topic.
yeah, i must tell everyone how i make gold.
it must be my problem if i dont do anything for helping you/ do anything you need.
i must provide everything you all need in my game life.
now i dont even know how to make gold from the game while everyone using the same way to make gold.
yeah, so keep buying 3-164 char and just keep using me as google translate for finding helps.

pls find your genius, ray for help when you have already paid for the services.
i wouldnt be like a stupid again to fight for the normal price from the sellers when i dont need to buy anything and everyone willing to pay at overprice. everything is none of my business.

it is not a problem for me if you really need some help and you cant do it /find the answer yourself.i am willing to help newbie until it is not hard for you to play yourself.
but pls dont take everything for granted (like benni's patches, gita's help).  
i will only help some ppl in benni's guild now.( so pls feel free to contact me if you really need helps)
sorry for being such rude, pls enjoy your game and ignore me.)


Stormknight  Yes, I will edit some of my guides here, and fk them too.  Post on 2017-4-12 07:33
koriotto  I think your comment is 100% accurate and not being rude at all, you help in stupidly easy quests for ungrateful ppl...  Post on 2017-4-12 03:12

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Post on 2017-4-11 05:04 |All posts
Gm Banns anyone it can

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Post on 2017-4-11 05:16 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-4-10 16:17

Basically soulstone fight is copy and paste from mythwar 1, the only thing hard in mw2, which you just avoided was it was doable with gems from wednesday event, plus you avoided the fact in chmw2 you cannot reborn your pet past your current character reborn like our version. Hell I find 1st rb fight harder than 2rb fight in our version because hypnotize doesnt work as it should, we have to stunlock firsthalf mobs instead and work down one by one...
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2017-4-11 06:03 |All posts
Reply Stormknight 's thread

Nah mate, let's just go max lvl in a flash, and play this game as single player, who cares. *facepalm*

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Post on 2017-4-11 07:06 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-4-10 18:06

whatever suits their boat I suppose... Game is child's play when you your 2rb anyway since your way beyond the quest requirements since it copy of same exact quest crap as mythwar1 when holy sets did not exist.

What I love the most though, people want mythwar 1, but cannot handle leveling the hard way. I will dedicate myself to leveling 1-2 chars only, with full team to just do something on my own, while I cannot find a party, which I guess now forever thanks to huehuehuehue ...
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2017-4-11 19:53 |All posts
i understand if people are buying 1 mage just to clear content but a full 3-164 team i mean come on lol.  i'd prob buy just 1 2-144 mage lol

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Post on 2017-4-12 01:32 |All posts
fucking ch mw2 and tdt can go to hell
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