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I backing

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Post on 2017-5-10 03:45 |All posts
I will back to the gamem, but i only view problems for the activation quote, c´mon guys lets the game be great again help the admins qhit tips no problems

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Post on 2017-5-14 07:22 |All posts
Reply Psykan 's thread

lol bro Admin don't care about game lol. Doesn't care whether you play or not. everyone quitted already. right now its just less than 10 players which most likely afk.

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Post on 2017-5-14 13:17 |All posts
ooo man thats bad i wanna play this game but i cant find the patch for chinese version

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Post on 2017-6-11 18:50 |All posts
i cant even find the chinese servers!!

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Post on 2017-6-12 19:21 |All posts
Reply Psykan 's thread

that game is useless, unless you understand Chinese
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Post on 2017-6-12 22:14 |All posts
Last edited by Enjou on 2017-6-12 22:18

well i just wanna test it do you know how? cus all i can see is http://sj.51wgg.com/ and that dont work

alllso more fun to play game if thers players in it.....

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Post on 2017-6-14 03:57 |All posts
april-may they had registration issue idk if it ever been fixed, so probably this is a new problem because a week ago it had the same problem and mw2 ch was down for 2-3days, I keep checking in when I get bored enough to farm eggs, then log off, lol.
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Post on 2017-6-15 21:19 |All posts
Welcome to the graveyard mythwar where get destroyed by 5 dollars on accounts to gain nothing

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Post on 2017-8-11 12:16 |All posts
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TDT come do your job and maintain the game
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