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Dragon Tripod SSP Hunting guide!

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Post on 2017-7-14 04:32 |All posts
Last edited by goldboy771 on 2017-7-15 04:38

Lets rebuild the Dragon Tripod SSP Hunting Guide Together!Please let us know what SSP you get by hunting with Dragon Tripod only, not with SSP on - that guide is in another postthread!
Please mention the level of SSP and all the Resistances for that level that you get!


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Post on 2017-7-14 04:35 |All posts
Evil Lair 1 - Feral Wolf, CK, Stone Giant, Sand Giant


goldboy771  Updated! Thanks  Post on 2017-7-14 05:28

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Post on 2017-7-14 04:37 |All posts
Evil Lair 4 - Snake Demon, Ghoulthrottler, Ghoul Spirit, Drowcrusher, CK


goldboy771  Updated! Thanks !  Post on 2017-7-14 05:29

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Post on 2017-7-14 11:12 |All posts
The original thread got closed per request of the person who made the thread.

Im allowing this guide for now, it looks much smoother even, I hope you guys update it acordingly.


goldboy771  I think i will even make this a excel file that i will upload, because this guide is slightly over the post character limits... and it will only grow  Post on 2017-7-14 20:03

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Post on 2017-7-18 08:18 |All posts
Tripod hunt locations:

Snow ridge**updated**
Ghost warrior(14% attk, zerk and combo)
neph(3%mp, counter and mr)
sword spider(+3% hp, 10 hypno)lv2(max I got so far)

Sunset plains**updated**
cyclops(9% attk, zerk and combo)
flyer(ice and dark)
ant eater(melee and chaos resist)

Southern rivage
Felsworn(8%mp, antidrain and melee)
desert bandit(5% hp, fire and flash resist)

Ogrewalker(12% attack, critical and hit rate)<--semi rare
Tree demon(9% mp, fraility and death resist)<--common

Bone desert
Capilla(1% mp, dodge and melee reflect)
Fire elf
Hell cat <-- better to hunt this in tumulus 1

Tumulus 1**updated**
Fog spirit(10% mp, fraility and magic reflect)
Hell cat(13% spd, fire and flash resist)
Fire elf(9% mp, fire res and magic reflect)

Tumulus 2
Skeletal(8% attk, zerk and combo rate)
Phoenix(11% mp, chaos and magic reflect; level 4 spotlight bonus 6% or 7% spd)

Tumulus 3
Mummy(7% hp, drain and critical resistance)

Tumulus 4
Snake demon named magical demon(12% mp, dodge and drain resist)
Giant slicer(7% hp, dark and ice resist)
Mad OW<--rarer than badlands

Tumulus 5
Same as tumulus 4

Flamingor**updated** Note: Never obtained green bandit out of 1 tripod. Does it exist still?(need to use more to confirm)
Centaur King(8% mp, magic ref and drain resist; lv 4 spotlight bonus 5% hp)
Bog Nightmare(7% mp, stun and hypno resist; lv 4 spotlight bonus 5% hp)
Green bandit(worst ssp on MYTHCRACK not worth mentioning)
Snake Demon

Flame Ruins
Scarecrow(3% attk, combo and fire resist)

Devil's Gate
AL(10% hp, drain and melee resist; lv4 spotlight bonus 8% attack?? question is does lv4 even exist, I never got one...)

---Ashes pit I dont think have good drops moving on---

Cursed Abyss
Dark Giant(13% hp, melee resist and stun; lv4 spotlight is 5% attack)<-- hmm only seen lv2-3 here
Thorned spider(3% mp, hypno res, dodge)<--dodge version of this ssp is a myth, i've got one before as lv3 but that's it.
Mudraper(9% hp, ice, ?; ? if anything worth at lv4)

Fog jungle **updated** Note: Holy Dragon ssp is rare, so this remains unknown on if it still drops from bosses.
GHT(11%spd and crit; lv4 spotlight bonus 7% attack)
leopard wolf(3% attack, zerk and hit rate)
chance for HD ssp(map boss only with rare chance; i've only obtained 2 or 3 of these things out of multiple pods and i'd say about 50...)

Withered Forest
Bee(8% attack, melee and stun resist)

To lessen confusion between lairs I will put the city and then lair below it.
Desert City
Demon Lair 1**Updated**
River Beast

Demon Lair 2

Demon Lair 3
Ogrewalker<--this is good spot for OW but still low drop.
Axewalker(4% attack, crit and hit rate)

Demon Lair 4
Demon Square
Evil Lair 1**Updated**
Feral Wolf
Stone Giant
Sand Giant(blank)<---added by TDT to make it harder to get FW.

Evil Lair 2

Evil Lair 3
Mosquito(12% spd, chaos and poison resist)
Demonpunisher(10% mp, chaos and melee resist; lv4 spotlight bonus 3% speed)
Stone/Mad Giant(11% hp, melee resist and melee ref)
Sand Giant(No Stat)

Evil Lair 4
Drowcrusher(no stat)
Snake Demon

Nonreb ssps(blank):
Not too sure what map bosses drop them, I got most of them from tumulus 1 map bosses.

Level 1: Hp, speed, attack, or mp only.
Level 2: it's two random +10 resists, for example a CK ssp lv2 has chance of being drain resist or magic reflect.
Level 3: contains both +10 resists that's possible from lv2.
Level 4: +15 resists with a special
**updated** to side means I have already checked they are same as listed. Max ssps on given area is 3 or 4.

is exactly what was in the other guide I asked benni to lock, I removed for personal reasons, but that's the past..


goldboy771  thank u very much ;)  Post on 2017-7-18 18:12
Not the creator of patch......
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