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About Admin or Gm of Myth war  

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Post on 2017-8-3 18:38 |All posts
Is there really no others ways to contact them other than the email from website and Rose?or is there anyone able to contact Gm in others ways?
this game really need a Gm now or it gonna die soon.

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Post on 2017-8-3 19:16 |All posts
I havent been logged in a while. Is still game still alive?
Some people call them daemons, I call them b*tches.
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Post on 2017-8-3 19:21 |All posts
Reply zabegan34 's thread

somehow but wed event dead 2 weeks ago and still no notice or any form of contact from Gm.

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Post on 2017-8-3 21:36 |All posts
come join Chinese vertion it have a masive playerbase and its not hard to play if u use english patch

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Post on 2017-8-3 21:39 |All posts
Reply Enjou 's thread

i want to but the website is down T.T

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Post on 2017-8-3 22:38 |All posts
I could contact Rose right now if needed, problem is, what really is needed is contact the real owner of the server, not Rose since she is just another employee of him.


0ddand3dd  sorry to disturd you are u able to get a contact with rose?  Post on 2017-8-6 02:55

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Post on 2017-8-4 09:35 |All posts
we need rose for maintenance for wed event/ Hurricane

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Post on 2017-8-4 14:20 |All posts
Server time have 5min delay now i think this are the fault of bugs

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Post on 2017-8-4 18:12 |All posts
Reply benni07 's thread

if possible please do contact Rose, what many players needed is there is GM it give comfort to ppl like me, what ever answer given by a Gm either the game is closing or continue we are able know what we can do next than staying confuse.

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Post on 2017-8-5 04:11 |All posts
pay them to fix
Some people call them daemons, I call them b*tches.
-Uncle Bourbon - Metro 2033
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