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Author: 0ddand3dd

About Admin or Gm of Myth war  

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Post on 2017-8-10 08:20 |All posts
Woah, let's just go play pokemon.


benni07  No thanks jeff, WOAH!  Post on 2017-8-10 20:47

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Post on 2017-8-10 08:57 |All posts
Reply Stormknight 's thread

well guess at least pokemon is better than mythwar, now gonna find my storeroom to see if my gameboy pokemon is there XD

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Post on 2017-8-10 10:22 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-8-9 23:20

Nah there's pokemmo's out there. I been playing Pokémon Revolution online for 2-3weeks but took a 1month break after rushing first two regions since the more dig areas you can access = more cash to spend on, which accessing kanto and johto you can farm atleast 100k per 3days. It's more grindy and harder than original versions though because you have to spend atleast 100k pokedollars just to access fly HM and train station, fly however isn't way to travel, you can use dig from a move slave pokemon to dig from one side of cave to the other(there's a small hole usually just outside the cave; you must have traveled through the cave once and use that hole on other side just to go back and forth freely) and also bike is 75k pokedollars.

You can give it a try, just never evolve pokemon unless you have to, they level way faster. Some pokemon are rare, such as a dratini in johto can take up to 6hours(or 2-6days depending how much you play...).

EDIT: Only reason I can level pokemon fast is because I have access to both regions as well and one of the best training areas, you can rebattle gym trainers every 7 days(including regular trainers). Gyms are typically level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc.. by time you get 8th gym the pokemon are lv75'ish.

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Post on 2017-8-10 20:12 |All posts
Reply Stormknight 's thread

i give it a try

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Post on 2017-8-10 21:21 |All posts
So far, almost 1 week has passed, and I haven't gotten a response from Rose.


Stormknight  :/  Post on 2017-8-10 22:06

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Post on 2017-8-10 22:15 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-8-10 09:32

Reply 0ddand3dd 's thread

It's based off of gen 6. However, regions are only up to hoenn so far, soon Sinnoh will be added, as far as I know the server been open for almost 5yrs. Main source of cash is selling pokemon or dug up held items to other players, digging spots(selling nuggets, stardust, etc to NPC buyers), NPC trainers are low source of getting cash, maybe 750 pokedollars max and regularly fainting pokemon in the wild typicially gives 100-200 pokedollars per fight, which you won't get that before 1st gym of each region and you cannot backtrack regions or use different region obtained pokemon till you get 8th gym badge for that region, which allows you to train different pokemon to a Boss Fight battle to unlock Eggmove trainers since breeding is disabled. I think all pokemon mmos I tried looking into has that feature disabled, so you have to try your luck with Pokémon with synchronize to try and get the nature you want if you care about PVP.

There is bugs/uncoded moves/abilities though, somewhere on the website, i'll copy and paste them..
Destiny Bond
Me First
Mirror Move
Mud Sport
Skill Swap
Trick Room
Water Sport
Wonder Room
Lock On
Nature Gift
Echoed Voice
Power Trick

Liquid Ooze
Cursed Body
Sheer Force
Mold Breaker
Color Change
Wonder Guard
Cute Charm
Flash Fire

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Post on 2017-8-11 01:15 |All posts
Surprised game still up

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Post on 2017-8-11 21:11 |All posts
Reply benni07 's thread

That sad~ T.T , Hope she be back soon.... but you would still need the owner to reset the server or =(

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Post on 2017-8-11 21:12 |All posts
Reply Stormknight 's thread

wow that~ i don' understand till i play it XD

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Post on 2017-8-11 23:34 |All posts
Reply 0ddand3dd 's thread

abilities or interactions?
I can understand abilities if you haven't played hoenn and beyond. Interactions with skills such as dig I started doing when I reached 4th gym town, headbutt somewhere before 5th. I have only played kanto, johto, sinnoh, and unova regions in original versions myself.
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