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Request Help Character Missing

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Post on 2017-8-14 19:02 |All posts
Hi guys i seems to have a problem, the acc from all my main char is missing only low lvl is left in the same acc i tried reinstall and it did't work and idea what is wrong? i am able to see my name on friend list and guild from my other acc char, Also the ingot that i have on one off my char is 2.9 but there is only 159 left.please help me

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Post on 2017-8-14 23:51 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-8-14 11:05

more bugs?
When a character is grimed/deleted for example you still see it and name in friendlist and guild cannot be reused again. I asked rose to recover a character 1 year ago and told me to spend 20 usd just for ONE CHARACTER. There is basically no support for this game, website is really copy and paste from different companies, and not just 1.

Edit: Seems I was rushing time...

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Post on 2017-8-14 23:51 |All posts
Case Close it seems i got scam by trusting friend acc... it seems she took everything and deleted my main char. well player here do take note of player name tywin,_iori_(which she trade from other players), well there alot char she has but name should be amanda.
well got to say still wanna play bit more be4 i quit so see you guys and have fun~

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Post on 2017-8-15 00:02 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-8-14 11:07

Too bad... scams are really common in mythwar.
I played only 6months of this server, had no motivation what so ever after I did some things I didn't accomplish while with igg cause I noticed worse bugs in the beginning...

Example: Protect/enhance wouldn't overwrite each other while in SS wind fight, I didn't notice any others, while player duels it did.

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Post on 2017-8-15 00:15 |All posts
If you provide me some proofs, and all the IDs, I can get said player banned right now.

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Post on 2017-8-15 00:43 |All posts
Reply benni07 's thread

XD i can't get any proof if the char is being deleted. well i try and made a refund of $300 from paypal to see if Gm would even reply to me if not enough maybe i refund back another $500 that the total amount i spend with last 2 month... and i see if they able to retrive my char and item.. since it only $20 i consider cheap for me^^

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Post on 2017-8-15 00:46 |All posts
Reply Stormknight 's thread

yep it sad even thought i trust her... i even thinking of buying 3xCDs with high crit and combo and place it into her acc so we can do rd20 vival faster.
well guess i go spend my money on other game bye~ benni and stromknight

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Post on 2017-8-15 02:14 |All posts
Reply 0ddand3dd 's thread

Don't tell me you are PoisonDoll?

Charging the money  you spend on TDT back, won't help you by the way.

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Post on 2017-8-15 03:14 |All posts
lol amanda that person tried to scam tons of people.

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Post on 2017-8-15 04:13 |All posts
u can get a refund back if TDT dont respond within 10 business day in paypal. i got some back so far since theyre not around to contact me or paypal for reconsideration
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