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How to skill every class

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Post on 2017-12-11 10:11 |All posts
Heya guys,

I'm actually really new to the game and am pretty confused. There is no real newbie guide or anything like that. That's exactly where I wanted to ask for your help. I play Male Mage right now, but want to test other classes too, so what to do with that many Skill Points and Stat Points? I put every point in Fire I and right now it's lvl 22. All my Stat Points went into INT.

I have a Chinchilla right now but it seems quite useless right now. What to skill there?

And do you guys have any other tips for newbies? I just got lvl 6. The game itself seems to be quite interesting to play as a sidegame during other games.

Much love and thanks in regards!

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Post on 2017-12-15 05:07 |All posts
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You should've been able to level II skills for every class as soon you get them to lv25 if you level your I to lv25, which is prerequisite for II lv25. New horizon or Best Coagent can level you for TP but 3 dispels at price of 250k each will get your skill II to lv40 atleast, to get this gold you have mall promoter npc as soon you hit lv16 if I remember correctly gives you 30k per character, so 150k for 5 characters each day or spam r6s for some gold with your 5 characters when you get in the lv20s, it's not bad but with current economy from Wednesday event, you will get way more in little time.

Centaurs should only level heal II to lv 40 max then eventually to lv61 II and no more beyond that because you will be able to heal more than enough. If you keep this race faster than your whole party you won't need melee resist on your others, as heal will keep your party member alives. Drop all pets  no troll :p Wednesday event will help you get lv80 pet for reborn.

Borgs... Drain IV 60 is ideal for nonrbs till your able to cast drain IV 81. Unless you plan to str borg mobs down.

Humans are better unstated or stamina. Hypnotize IV 41 on slowest in party can take you a long ways in wood and bly.

Best CTU pets are:
Tauren(sta or str) - sta because you can get 90 melee resist with Mc1-5s from Wednesday event.

This is just a start... Wednesday event is doable at lv30 and usually takes me 200k gold per character to complete.

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Post on 2017-12-17 00:51 |All posts
Hey there and thank you for your fast reply!

I am right now lvl 50 and am struggling a lot because I miss gold and Talent Points.
What exactly is r6? And nonrbs?

Nice people helped me to get EK and I was able to level up fast with that. I will look forward for the wednesday event. Is it doable alone? Because most of the time it's hard to find a group.

Thanks in regards!

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Post on 2017-12-17 04:30 |All posts
r6 = survival quest through existent npc in south riv. Wednesday event starts in elder zone s3, 24hours to do it, and just going to npc to npc but it'll cost atleast 200k in scrolls depending how you do it.
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.
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