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Post on 2018-2-1 22:45 |All posts
Vote on changing server time
RadioPoll, Total 260 person(s) voted

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13.08% (34)
47.69% (124)
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38.08% (99)
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Post on 2018-2-1 22:54 |All posts
Guys you really want 6 hours earlier? that would be around ~1pm in America, so most of the people from that continent wont come.. or at least i think so.. but if we make it like 4 hours earlier it would be good for both sides.. EU and NA/SA.. just an opinion
None of your business.

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Post on 2018-2-1 22:55 |All posts
Most of the people are online 6 hours earlier. Even those from the States got online and did red rope at that time so that's an invalid argument. Also wars are during weekend when people usually don't work .

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Post on 2018-2-1 23:05 |All posts
well guys who don't want the game 6 hours later, why earlier? at least 4 hours later if not 6 hours. then more common people if as u said war time is at weekend, well then it wont matter if it is later also, but some people do work on Saturdays. beside catalin vote for later #4      xD

even though my original suggestion was to make 2 wars in 12 hours different times so everyone can play a role.

have fun guys.

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Post on 2018-2-1 23:06 |All posts
Also rose, you should ban those that vote with alt accounts because this is an important vote and they are cheating

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Post on 2018-2-2 02:33 |All posts
Do not need to change

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Post on 2018-2-2 02:49 |All posts
rose, I see you already changed the server time. Option 5 is to keep the way it is now or the way it was before?

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Post on 2018-2-2 03:39 |All posts
Reply soreny12 's thread

im guessing since the post was made before the time was changed, id say 5 is before the change that was made this am

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Post on 2018-2-2 07:21 |All posts
It would have made more sense to ask people what they would have preferred before actually changing the time in the game without asking for peoples opinions.....Also if people want to have a different time zone just bring back another server and let them play there.
P.S Please revert the server time back this is just silly.

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Post on 2018-2-2 07:28 |All posts
account wars... lol. 6hours earlier would mean 2pm war times for me but I don't do wars anyways, so w/e.
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.
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