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Buying Mythwar?

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Post on 2018-3-5 11:16 |All posts
I used to play this game years ago... What i like about it is that is that turn-based combat unique feeling which not many if any games have that feel anymore.. And that type of game, can actually bring alot of playerbase if managed properly..However i've stopped playing and i've got hyped to it like a year ago, didn't actually play it, since i didn't have money to buy that activation.. yeah.. and i've been monitoring it since then.. and what i've noticed it... Nothing has changed? All i see are top-up events which are INSANE amount of money and really no improvement of the game whatsoever... however today is my birthday and i will activate my account and start playing once again.. but i do have a question ... If i want to buy Mythwar2 .. the game itself from you guys at TDT, how much money would you want for it? As i said this game is unique and awesome, and if you manage it properly you will not only bring a shit ton of more new players, but you will also increase your sales. anyway... peace out for now, and i'll see ya'll later.. if any players still play this game that is... I can't believe someone would donate 5k for example to a non-managed game only to get a pet.. if there is someone who would actually do that, message me a PM.

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Post on 2018-3-7 12:06 |All posts
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probably same old players still playing since it started. . This game doesn't worth a activation fee. Your faced with circles of bugs such as your character reborn growths and bonuses are the main killer of this game besides speed bugs. The holies rolled stats weigh way more than the true character stats as your reborn growth maximizes but only when you bypass the bug issues following same race sequence mage-mage, hum-hum, and borg-borg to centaur or female borg before you finalize your reborn by 3rd. There's a thread about how full mages gets shafted with reduced growth, while mage-mage-fborg-mage bypasses all mage paths, even human-human-fborg-mage and all sequences, ofcourse someone said neglect only exists once, but world of bugwars it a mystery..

my two cents but it's beating a dead horse, there's been many threads like this too, will check this forums  from time to time to even see if this game alive, because I care, but for now my characters will rot till the game closes. Currently playing a Pokémon MMO, yes there's those out there and more than one too, but Pokémon Revolution being the top one but I don't agree to all the bshit they do, but the real game has limits too but way more grindy and tendious like mythwar

For example:
The Membership Medallion, as emblematized on the Coin Shop.
Membership is activated on one's account via usage of a Membership Medallion—a Coin Shop-purchasable item that Membership is derived from.

It can be obtained through the Coin Shop. Alternatively, the item can also be traded for from brokering players, thereby providing an avenue for one to obtain it without having to self-willingly donate money for it.

Membership is sold in 15-, 30-, and 60-day durations at varying prices. The duration will elapse regardless of whether or not its grantee is online during this time; this includes server-downtime periods, but the staff has been known to recompense deprived membership time from greater extremities of downtime.



Major membership benefits can be subsumptively outlined below:
50% experience-gain bonus.
100% (2x) increase to the money-yield rate.
Access to a multitude of content-oriented perks—namely membership-exclusive Pokémon spawns and areas; read the successive subsections for more details.

If an Experience Boost is active on a member's account, it will stack additively with the bonus-experience rate of membership, not multiplicatively; in other words, you'd receive a 1.75x boost from both items in effect. The same formulaic syntax governs additional experience-gain bonuses that may be granted by events.

An unseen membership-exclusive Pokémon.
All the following Pokémon require an active membership status in order to be encounterable. Please note that this list omits Pokémon that may be members-only by virtue of being in a members-accessible area; see the members-accessible areas below for more information regardingly.

If their seen-data entries are not registered in your Pokédex, they will appear as a pink-colored question mark on the local Pokémon-locator slide-out underneath the Pokétime clock.
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.
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