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Myth War II Online TDT Game Forum Forum Service Center so many hours maint?
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so many hours maint?  

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Post on 2018-5-23 18:47 |All posts
oki cool since this maint takes forever i expect new maps/pets/quests and stam req holies what u think is gonna happen? ps: sarcasm im bored....greetings LW

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Post on 2018-5-23 19:22 |All posts
LW hater.
You my friend will get 10 levels dropped; you leveled way too fast in the last couple of days. xD

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Post on 2018-5-23 19:34 |All posts
oh no that wud be a disaster#24 that wud mean 7 more days to brigadier gen

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Post on 2018-5-23 19:41 |All posts
Leave those poor robbers alone #17 and finish maint so we can do SP and wednesday event!!
Stay a while and listen

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Post on 2018-5-23 19:44 |All posts
totally agree this is taking too long #95

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Post on 2018-5-23 19:56 |All posts
Only 4 hours of maint so far, where is the rush guys?

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Post on 2018-5-23 20:00 |All posts
4 hours #77 phewwww even if they add rr it shudnt take so long#81

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Post on 2018-5-23 20:02 |All posts
how long this is going to take :-_- like I donit mind if they take longer time but because I don't expect much :s so better not to waste time #78

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Post on 2018-5-23 20:04 |All posts
fair enough..

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Post on 2018-5-23 20:05 |All posts
i wanted to spamm wed event and then robbers #54 wanted 120 today#78
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