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Post on 2018-11-3 11:40 |All posts
Anyone else not able to log in

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Post on 2018-11-3 12:33 |All posts
yeah the server is down for some reason , i did not see a maintenance message before it happened ,  but it can only be one of 2 things , ether its a maintenance on the server ,

or one of the main parts of the game server crashed

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Post on 2018-11-3 13:06 |All posts
WOW we DEMAND red rope event as compensation Why does the server have to come off for so long??? anyways sit tight and play something else toaster is down.

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Post on 2018-11-3 14:10 |All posts
Reply kid_sinn 's thread

Could it be it's over for good

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Post on 2018-11-3 17:38 |All posts
NUB tdt!#78 lemme in!

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Post on 2018-11-3 18:58 |All posts
After 7 hours of server being closed, without any message or anything.
Professional indeed !
Many thanks TDT, for charging activation fee for a game full of bugs, while you cant even make a post on forum, announcing a maintenance or any sort of fails.

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Post on 2018-11-3 19:05 |All posts
I love the promptitude of the staff ensuring us of what`s going on!!

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Post on 2018-11-3 21:15 |All posts
I don't know why you keep getting surprised...
I mean this shit happens for years and not to say nearly every day we encounter bugs and other kinds of crap in this game. It's not the 1-st time we are complaining and it's not the 1-st time we are being ignored...

Just get a cup of tea, do some meaningful stuff today, like cleaning the house or something   and play something that makes more sense, like... idk what, haven't found good alternative to this game , but someone out there might have , so go play that instead.

And if you are kind of addicted to this game like me, wait few day and see if it works, if not - here is a good chance to move on

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Post on 2018-11-3 21:35 |All posts
i play zelda minish cap for gba is cool game guys ! offline but cool

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Post on 2018-11-3 22:55 |All posts
Somewhere in the posts i found a suggestion for pokemon revolution online, seems cool, might try it
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