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Launcher dont work

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Post on 2018-11-7 02:50 |All posts
Is it only me or? I launch game...hit next and launcher closes...

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Post on 2018-11-7 03:08 |All posts

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Post on 2018-11-7 03:09 |All posts
Reply icemask17 's thread

i hit next and launcher closes...any ideeas?

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Post on 2018-11-7 17:11 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2018-11-7 04:13

Sadly no.. Server has been weird after the first two months of server being opened on igg settings. It doesn't like slow connections for some reason,  I posted somewhere around 2 +/- years ago showing I got a lot of packet loss, which made my connection far worse than playing on Chinese mw.
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Post on 2018-11-9 11:51 |All posts
rember mythwar is a old game , it needs to be run in windows xp mode
if you are on anything other than windows xp you might have issues with the launcher or have issues runing it on the c drive

first thing is first right click the launcher icon on the desktop click the properties

this will open a properties window , click open file location button

this will open the mythwar folder

inside the mythwar folder

do for both the update.exe and main.exe

right click them click properties click compatibility tab trick(mark) the run in compatibility mode set the dropdown box to windows xp service pack 3 click apply on the bottom right

make sure you do that for both the update.exe and the main.exe

also makesure update.exe and main.exe has access to the firewall the picture you show showing no page in the middle shows it might have a firewall access which will not drawback the server info and calse the launcher not to be able to launch the main.exe with the correct ip address

this is all i can think of right now i hope it helps
best of luck

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Post on 2018-11-9 15:55 |All posts
Yea i was doing all those things and nothing. Seemed like my problem was the internet provider. Idk what he did, but he blocked my access to the server`s game. Anyway now problem solved xD


katchubong903  What do you mean by World Server is Disconnected? That's my issue with this game now. >.<  Post on 2018-11-9 22:22

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Post on 2018-11-9 21:09 |All posts
glad you got it sorted out

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Post on 2018-11-10 01:41 |All posts
Every maintence is a new problem. Some guy had issues staying online till next maint, but for my case, since 2016 feb I've been having to use a game tunneling program that reduces my traffic issues with my ISP but I only need that for this server and never did for ch mw when it was open.
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Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2018-11-11 21:07 |All posts
they dont give a f*ck about game problems xD
but we need another pet recharge events xDD
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