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Petty scammer Almighty

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Post on 2019-1-8 12:46 |All posts
So i was looking for +11 fraility gems and this guy Almighty (A FREAKIN MAX LEVEL) offered me 10 gems we agreed on x10 +11 gems for 5mil
since he was a max level char i didnt think he would be petty so i traded 5m for 3 gems first
he traded me another 3 gems then ran away
heres the convo

his chars are
its pathetic for a veteran player to pray on newbies like this all for a few mil
and he didnt even have the 10 gems we agreed upon he only had 9
already planned to scam me in the get go
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Post on 2019-1-14 11:44 |All posts
Lol making a forum post over gems you can get from hurricanes i've seen it all now. Get wrecked lol.

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Post on 2019-1-18 21:46 |All posts
2/10. I gave someone 50mill during IGG cause they needed gold for something and never returned it, I didn't make a forum post on it.
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2019-1-24 00:10 |All posts
>.< i rather post it now and let someone know before someone else loose a saint to this scammer
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