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Post on 2019-2-2 15:52 |All posts
Last edited by marremurt on 2019-2-2 16:10

Is anyone even playing this game anymore?
im 1 of those who do not understand why it cost 5 euro to even play this game now?,

such a old game who just want to bring back nostalgic feeling and then you meet a wall asking you to pay 5 euro for a game who "ALWAYS" been free to play, its from ingots they earned money.....

How on earth a company can ask for 5 euro payment when they arnt even making some changes to game, new classes, new pets, new areas, new levels and so on.... it feels like they trying to kill their own game.

also want to ask of those absurd recharge bonus reward,

Cumulative recharge events

8599 FREAKING USD, what kind of joke is this?

I really wonder why its always retarded companies who take over games being such old and actually could survive if it was managed correct, first of this game is 1 of the best turnbased mmo.... second if it had updates with new gears, new levels, new classes, pets etc it woulda make people more intressed in the game.

I would suggest someone make a cool private server and if they know how to code that woulda being perfect to, seeing other games where private servers run so nice, since they code and make new things in game, updates and classes etc from their own coding.

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Post on 2019-2-2 17:10 |All posts
Game is now euro time zone...
It has...
unlimited drow
patron saint x3 a week(similar to Chinese mw; last known that game was shut down)

People just do the same as it was in IGG basically... afk, scam, drama moves mythwar
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2019-3-4 23:52 |All posts
Just quit get rid of the app on your PC, not worth your time

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Post on 2019-3-31 13:14 |All posts
Nice opinion you have there
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