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World Server Disconnect for new accounts

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Post on 2019-5-12 20:12 |All posts
So, for a little bit people were able to register new accounts , log in and play .... until TDT decided that's not available anymore and new accounts get World Server Disconnect.TDT, are you aware of the fact that people actually registered and helped the economy and the game like that? That this was bringing players in that were paying gold for stuff that people were buying for ingots? That without the new players that would need portraits, xp scrolls , etc there would be no use anymore in players recharging?
Let people activate their accounts for free for a few days otherwise you will have what's left of this game quit because you just took accounts from most of the players and removed a good chunk of new players too.

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Post on 2019-5-13 11:11 |All posts
you are right,but we are the lamb in the merchants

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Post on 2019-5-13 13:11 |All posts
Esto no debería ser así algunos no tiene las posibilidades de recargar , no deberían cobran por jugar ya casi no hay muchos jugadores disponibles .   

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Post on 2019-5-13 15:12 |All posts
A lot of people just lost a lot of mall items with this move. I know people that lost tons of vival scrolls, portraits, 1b+ gold that they had stored on those alts and they will not recharge to activate them because is ridiculous.

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Post on 2019-5-14 19:52 |All posts
i won not pay for it. it's a classical game but not i must play.i just want a free game.so let's say goodbye to it
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