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Post on 2019-12-27 20:56 |All posts
I didn't see new players since you added this fee. My main char have lv 98 and I think I have the smallest (main) character in this game. And there are not as many players as in the past. Oh yes, wood. and blython have some players... But they are afk or doing robbers. The world chat is dead most of the time. No one use "local chat". A few shops. Nobody do survival most of the time.Its HARD to make new friends and look at this forum, in almost all topics is about "world disconnect", fee, tdt and IGG accounts. Why you keep this fee? If is to keep cheaters away I can tell you that is not working. To have some advantage (like lvl up, give items etc) they can speend 5$ but for new players is not worth. You know why?Just tell me and I will paste what I have written above.
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Post on 2020-1-4 03:26 |All posts
Why do you post, scammer? You scammed people months ago and now want new players? you are a disgrace for this game! Where is your Fem mage Clau? oh banned!

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Post on 2020-1-13 16:15 |All posts
Hello All

I've been playing this game back in 2007 and now I don't remember my login credentials,
anyways.. I remember how excited was getting my Howling beast back than..
I wanted to try out the game to remember a bit the feeling of the game looks to me
it needs now a payment.. anyways I don't plan on playing this game any more but would been nice
to log in and howl around a bit in the Mythwar univers.. maybe rejoin .. highly doubt it..
if anyone can share a account for a bit.. I could visit .. or maybe someone got fed up with the game ..
anyways.. if I can try out for free let me know..

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Post on 2020-1-21 04:03 |All posts
heeu Executioner? did you get any awnser? i am an old player to, wana play some now but dont remember my log in or anything=(
and dont want to pay fee if it is like no other player=/
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