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Myth War II Online TDT Game Forum Forum Experience Discussion Do you like closing the game 1_2 days for China?
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Do you like closing the game 1_2 days for China?

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Post on 2020-4-8 17:24 |All posts

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Post on 2020-4-8 18:32 |All posts
what is this post? closing the game 1-2 days for china? are you a racist or something? it doesn't matter the reason why the game is closed. And its not for china. its because the server is unstable. they are trying to fix it. move on. do something else for a day and stop posting stupid threads like this one.

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Post on 2020-4-8 23:46 |All posts
Reply dragonking1 's thread

I did not see this in a release
myth war1
myth war 2 igg
did not see a company that closes the game and maintains it. All games are maintained with another server and the game is stopped for a short period of time that does not reach an hour. Download the patch to fix the problem
I am not a racist. Do you know people’s opinions are racist? I see you are against the freedom of the seer

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Post on 2020-4-9 04:08 |All posts
They are moving the whole game server to a completely new machine. Stop being a drama queen.

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Post on 2020-4-9 09:14 |All posts
Our team is working hard to solve the DC problem

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Post on 2020-4-13 01:06 |All posts
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