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smerilboy 2019-7-23 20:03
give me xD rose unbanned all accs idk why or i pay for unban your accs and i`m use, pls :v
Superman 2019-6-17 07:33
smerilboy: give me your accs xDx DxD u dont like to play anymore
lol I got banned for letting poisonprincess log on my account and sell some of my stuff
CatalinMage 2017-10-22 01:08
I got a 3rd reborn CW here
zaborg21 2017-8-17 00:50
I don't have anything special, I never really played tdt mw2 because server was dying when I started. I only spent like 30€ or so and bought few cheap eggs. I'll just for the website to come up again. Thank you anyway.
smerilboy 2017-8-17 00:36
Show me prints!
zaborg21 2017-8-17 00:11
smerilboy: what u have on tdt mw accounts/stuff?
Some lv50 chars and few mall pets (which aren't that rare I think, mosquito and drowcrusher (can't remember the real name lol).

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