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Godof420 2020-7-17 04:18
WHY EMAIL U ?U GUYS never ever ever ever everrrrrrrrr reply!!!
LINDEMBERG 2020-4-13 04:38
ola, como faço pra recuperar meu email da conta?? não lembro qual eu usei para criar a conta do jogo e creio q vou precisar dele pra recuperar minha conta, pois nao estou conseguindo entrar nela
monster96 2020-3-8 17:18
I trying to log in again and cant please i want to play
admin 2020-3-7 22:15
pls try again and if you have any other questions, please email
monster96 2020-3-7 19:20
I cant log in in the game when i try, got massage Disconect server
If i have a ban please remove my ban
I want to play that game and i give very more money in that acount
Name acount:monster96
Name charaster:Rebeka
koriotto 2017-12-28 01:26
I had a few chars on Dragon including koriotto and i had 3rd reborn characters + like 10 deity pets also 3rd reb+ gold and a lot of mauves and great holy equip on DRAGON SERVER!!!

You just wiped all and didnt even gave me a chance to migrate my things to Phoenix
PLEASE give me back my things now on Phoenix!!
50683621 2017-11-22 16:44
Superman 2017-8-10 03:09
wheres the G M for the game? Wheres Rose?
CatalinMage 2017-7-26 19:02
mudhi_m2h 2017-5-14 15:12
When i try to login it says world server disconnected.
What's happening?
MY username is mudhi_m2h
plese help me
kamran 2017-5-12 23:09
Hey, I cannot log in, I've paid the $5 registration fee, and paid for 10k ingots, and it still won't log me into the server, it says "world Disconnect" please tell me what to do!
koriotto 2017-4-11 01:09
@diablobaal u fcked mate      will pass bout 2 months before u get help... i asked help for some things back on december and got a reply on march      true story
diablobaal 2017-4-5 07:47
hey. I need g m I got bugged rbn 3 I need help ty.
happilykilln 2017-3-30 16:08
is there a reason why I can not play this game. I did play it for 2 weeks now I am disconnected. I want a  post mail from you why I can not play mw2
happilykilln 2017-3-23 12:20
you r an admin do something or quit for som1 else to help us.
kikex3 2017-3-12 04:38
Please read you private mail.
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