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Enjou 2017-6-11 17:22
yo i wnana test the chineses server can you send me a link?
kamran 2017-5-12 23:04
hey I want to play this game, how do I play this game? it says world disconnect when I try to log in
crazykid2310 2017-5-9 11:33
Hey, i wanna try the Ch mw2, is there an english patch for it?
jackdaemon 2017-4-27 14:29
can you help me with ch mw2?
ElusionStorage 2017-4-2 01:42
heyy give me the english thingy!
koriotto 2017-3-29 11:09
Check it out
princess0821 2017-3-11 07:36
benni07: Other people are having the same problem, Rose has not logged in yet, so we are waiting.
ah ok thanks alot for reply
princess0821 2017-3-11 05:54
benni07: What's up?
hi benni, idk whats going on.. i still cant log any of my acc's.. it happened after maint
princess0821 2017-3-10 20:53
dica10 2016-4-14 03:56
benni07: Im not a potato, the game is what i meant :D
So the recharge is the only way to play again :( ? I really dont understand what is happening
dica10 2016-4-14 01:35
Man i am speaking about the game not the forum , i can;t connect to the game anymore beacuse of the recharge
dica10 2016-4-14 01:12
how it doesn't matter if i cant log in , i made the account in the first day when the game started
benni07 2016-3-6 06:12
If anybody reads this:

Still trying to get a new PC, canĀ“t even post or reply to forum posts cuz of my 3DS browser, but i gotta be back as fast as i can.
l8erh8er 2015-12-27 06:54
Just wanted to say hi #86
zardy89 2015-12-26 18:47
good job on vival :D
benni07 2015-12-8 22:41
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