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Your favorite const/zodiac pet?  

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Post on 2016-1-1 10:37 |All posts
Your favorite const/zodiac pet?
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Post on 2016-1-4 16:33 |All posts
Did sagittarius exist in IGG's mw2?

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Post on 2016-1-4 22:35 |All posts
Is it even possible to get these pets? Are they event only? Also favourite is Aries.

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Post on 2016-1-4 23:56 |All posts
Last edited by vrajeala on 2016-1-4 15:56

lol guys, constelation, zodiac pets are fiction, TDT wont release nothing, we play in game only with capturable pets and u vote for fiction pets on forum

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Post on 2016-1-8 14:56 |All posts
Reply vrajeala 's thread

lol u really  have problems whit this game bro.

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Post on 2016-1-25 16:02 |All posts
think he does.. someone has crescent wolf and sagittarius.
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2016-2-23 04:03 |All posts
Actualy i have Aries, Zombie got pieces and hero has saggi so yea...  They are around
Tymaryu here

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Post on 2016-2-26 13:45 |All posts
how do you get these pets?

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Post on 2016-2-26 19:35 |All posts
Reply birdfrog 's thread

Rewards form events, buy/trade from people in game or buy from admin for real money.

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Post on 2016-2-27 15:27 |All posts
Reply TheOnlyOne 's thread

ahh ok thank you
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