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Myth War II Online TDT Game Forum Forum Suggestions Organizing gay pride parade at Myth War 2!
Author: TheOnlyOne

Organizing gay pride parade at Myth War 2!  

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Post on 2016-2-8 15:18 |All posts
gay rights

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Post on 2016-2-8 16:09 |All posts
Haha, nice to see that I'm not the only one (no pun intended, ha) that sees this idea as cute/funny/adventitious for players, rather than disgusting. It's a silly little thing but I don't see why not. After all video games are partly a reflection of people's mindsets in real life, so if being gay is slowly being accepted as a normal thing world wide why wouldn't it reflect in games as well, it would be only normal, right? ^^  

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Post on 2016-2-8 21:32 |All posts
Reply benni07 's thread

You are not homofobic but you say that homosexuality its against nature itself.....

Also i suggest you to read a bit more benni, theres nothing wrong in kids learning about sexuality, in all the ways, in developed countries they learn it at early school. Its a way to avoid grown discriminators.
The •DS• family

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Post on 2016-2-8 22:47 |All posts
lube up and join them benni


TheBorg2000  I lol'd  Post on 2016-3-2 12:45

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Post on 2016-2-9 16:11 |All posts
how bout no

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Post on 2016-2-10 22:26 |All posts
go be gay fine and dandy but your not gonna "TEACH" my kids How to "BE" gay through an online game. that will never be ACCEPTED by everyone and the sooner people get over it the better off they will be . some countries will kill you for being gay. although he meant it as a joke I assume.  you know as well as all do its not gonna happen, they obvesly do not even know how to put up a simple event that works properly


zardy89  it's not teaching how to be gay, its teaching acceptance that people are different. Shouldn't be so hard for you to understand this phreak assuming you have a working piece of brain.  Post on 2016-2-11 07:37

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Post on 2016-2-11 19:35 |All posts
benni07 posted on 2016-2-7 22:18
Im done with discussing this, im not homophobic, but being gay or bi, es against the nature itself.  ...

This kinda defines homophobia what you are saying here. Also, gay sexuality is not something dirt that has to be hidden from kids.

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Post on 2016-2-11 21:57 |All posts
Homosexuality might be against nature itself, as humans have a reproductive nature, but that doesn't mean everyone WANTS to reproduce.
Some people simply enjoy being with someone from the same gender more than being with someone from another gender. Big deal, let them.

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Post on 2016-2-11 22:06 |All posts
Last edited by TheOnlyOne on 2016-2-11 22:21

Diving cars and drinking milk of another mammal (such as cow, sheep, camel, etc) as well as many other things humans do is against nature. If you guys are using "against nature" argument as saying we should not do it and do only what is not against nature then why are you guys even using PC?

Against nature does not equal bad thing. And things that actually are bad are very often natural, like killing for example, completely natural thing. Animals do that all the time; kill other animals to fight for territory or authority. Does that justify one man killing other because he entered his territory? Probably yes, if you ask Donald Trump.

All tho I disagree that if somebody thinks that being gay is wrong, for whatever reason, necessarily makes them homophobic. If you think so you don't really know what homophobia is. You can disagree with something and think its wrong without being hateful, fearful and violent about it.   

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Post on 2016-2-12 21:17 |All posts
Last edited by VeniVictrix on 2016-2-12 15:20

I personally think there's nothing wrong with this. There's no such thing as "natural". People are who they are. It's the society that feels threatened just because some people are different and are not behaving according to our "societies automatically" set standards. And if your children want to become gays...let them goddamnit. Don't hold them back just because you're different. IT'S THEIR life not yours...they will eventually outlive you and WILL make their OWN decisions.
It's the result of globalisation. You definetly can't oppress gays , just because you feel uncomfortable with their "norms". If you do feel uncomfortable, keep off the internet. Simple as that.
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