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Replace Wednesday event (with Wednesday Vival Event)

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Post on 2016-3-3 23:38 |All posts
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*Wednesday Event replacement suggestion*

Now, i know im definitely not the only one that finds the current Wednesday event boring & dull, in fact, i dont see how completing a quiz for NPCs across different maps is even considered an event besides the EXP/DPs/Carns you get from it, now my suggestion is this, If Possible The Wednesday event is replaced.
Replacing it with the Kung Fu panda event was brought up in another thread on the forum, which is cool (anything other than answering 100 multiple choice questions is better imo lol), but my idea for a new Wednesday is this:

Wednesdays Survival Event :

Quite simply Replace the first 10 rounds of Survival "(EDITas well as" receiving gold, we receive skill/talent points, some exp and some random drops (same as we receive now for current Wednesday event).

Now i know some will say "But our reputation points ":
well, we remove the reputation points penalty on Wednesdays to allow the Wednesday Survival Event to be spammed.

& What about people levelling too fast doing event all day you ask? Wont This will break the game? :
Well, we limit the amount for times Wednesday Vival spam can be done to 100x Rounds. (same rounds as current Wednesday event)
Every time reward is accepted = 1 round.
Every time party is defeated = 1 round.

What about those without parties? Low levels etc...?:
Maybe: After 100 rounds of Wednesday Survival Spam complete, normal survival resumes for normal Gold to player(s) who have completed 100x already (to give incentive to people to assist friends and those who still need party. (& Bonus with parties with low levels in them similar to Paradise event)

But wont people just spam first 4/6 rounds? :
People can spam which ever round they want between 1-10, but Add a Round 10 Bonus drops to add intensive to players to
complete round 10.
Having Wednesday event this way will encourage parties, encourage players to work together (even though some will still use alts ) and it would be cool to see large crowds around existent again like mw1 days.

MW should be about battles, team work, strategies, I don't want to be answering questions about Prime freaking Numbers, Thief's of Ali Baba, if a ton of feather is heavier than a ton of whatever and the elemental composition of Diamonds just to level up skills xD lol

& Before anyone mention, MW code is difficult, be patient with TDT etc, this is only a suggestion.
If this is impossible i am also happy to settle with ANY other style of event besides this dull Quiz to complete.

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Post on 2016-3-3 23:59 |All posts
Good idea and thinking, Wed Event became very dull after four years doing it every wednesday and getting same stuff always, BUT who the hell will implement this?
This is very tough work for our beloved "admin"


SPO  Yeah, i was okay with it at first, i used to even do it with alts, but then it started to feel less like a game. & i know its not likely, but nothing wrong with hope even if its false hope lol  Post on 2016-3-4 00:53
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Post on 2016-3-4 00:00 |All posts
I disagree with this suggestion.

1. People who actually want to do survival will have to do event. Perhaps I'm short 5m on an item and wanna grind out vival for gold.. Can't do that.

2. Inventory requiring pots... I'll need pots and stuff, and event rewards will drop, filling up slots.

3. Unfair to low levels..
Players lower level will miss out on the good drops because they can't goto round 10. I am honestly not gonna assist low players doing the event. I've got better things to do than help random people.

Leave Wednesday event alone. It's 1 day a week... Where players of any level can do it. There's nothing wrong with it. If you get bored by it, don't do it.

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Post on 2016-3-4 00:46 |All posts
Reply ElusionStorage 's thread

Twas just a suggestion, i am bored by it and i don't do it lol.

@Your first point, Your correct, this would affect those that genuinely need/want to do normal survival, i didn't take this into account when creating the post, although after 100 rounds of Wednesday survival would result in regular vival rewards returning to normal, Gold rewards don't necessarily need to be swapped out for Wednesday Event rewards, All that would need to be done is add current Wed event rewards, Skill points DPs etc in addition to normal gold rewards up to round 10 for 100x of survival.

Your second point, I feel like this is part of MW anyways, throw away any drops you dont need, Use bank between rounds, have Mules local, there are many ways around this i think, i used to throw away all the low level gems on Wednesday anyways.

Your third point, I don't think lower levels will miss out, im sure the way the current Wednesday event is, its random drops, simply have random drops up to round 9, The round 10 bonus part i only mentioned to actually give incentive to completing all 10 rounds instead of spamming r4/6, So players of any level would be able to participate in this also, the last event (Paradise) gave a bonus to players who had a low level in their party to encourage players to allow low levels in their parties.

Again, this is just a suggestions, i hope no one bites my head off for a suggestion that may likely never even happy even iff all players from MW clicked yes lol.

Also, i did point out, replacing the questionnaire with ANYTHING at all lol would be cool, the survival thing was just my opinion, the current Wednesday event isn't an event, its a joke at best.

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Post on 2016-3-4 04:17 |All posts
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tbh igg only held 4-5 good fight events that weren't bugged...

Halloween - I have no clue on only except the cards spelling monster or fight - by time I had my own team due no pc to do this in igg, it became bugged the following year. It can give pets from the fights I heard.

Festal Treasure(God's Chest event) - Statue in middle or fight gwarriors, we should know how this event works since it was our last one. Remove god chest's from statue fight since it give pcarns, pets from chests when statue is killed im not sure what to do with this, last event we had it was 1 per session pretty much gave a pet away.

Kung fu panda event is basically same as wed event with 100 rounds minus dispels, with addition random fight to fight the tiger that is part of those 100 rounds in sky passage that can be partied or soloed, not sure of rewards on it been awhile.

Hades' Treasure(or aka Dark Knight event)
Advancing through floors, floor 1 is killing a boss to move forward, floor 2 is collecting random spawned chests or fighting a boss to go to 3rd floor where dark archer or dark knight can be spammed and Dark Knight loses hp like statue I iirc as you kill dark archers. The rewards from it was actually pretty decent because it gave 2m storage gold cards(with gold inside), items which you normally get from robber toll items, which source of magic/hp was big help alongside of cloth gripsacks, minus blank ms in place of xmas ssps.

Chinese Valentine's Event or w/e with red rope...drains gold b/c it takes gold or rose to weaken the robber in flamingor but overall good pet xp event and ok character xp. Trade in red rope with opposite sex in woodlingor for random eggs and extra xp + friendship(I think)

Elf chest event(Wpetro pet introduction)
High hp mobs that spawn on maps that give decent amount of xp and chance to drop random pets.
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Post on 2016-3-4 19:44 |All posts
Elu why u so hater... We need an new wed event end of sorry .
Tymaryu here

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Post on 2016-3-6 17:19 |All posts
I like the Wednesday event as is.
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