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Extend Market to Desert City

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Post on 2016-3-25 10:53 |All posts
Last edited by SPO on 2016-3-25 10:57

I was wondering if it would be possible to extend the market place? sometimes find it annoying trying to sell stuff afk and come back after 15mins to find someone completely covering your shop. cause the market area is overcrowded (especially on a Wednesday & Thursday)

out of the possible maps for the market to be extended too, Blython / Desert City / Demon Sqr, i think Desert City would make the most sense. Blython not being big enough, and Demon Sqr not having enough traffic compared to the other two (not cause of lack of players, but most in DS are only heading to drow i think lol) , Desert City seems perfect to me but i could be wrong, i think Demon Sq comes close 2nd, but post your opinions below.

Im sure Desert City could end up being the perfect place to purchase survival exp & Rumour scrolls lol too,

Maybe this is a silly idea, maybe it cant even be done, But, as always, its just a suggestion

(by the way, on a side note, wasn't there a mall item in mw before that allowed you to set shop anywhere?)
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Post on 2016-3-27 01:18 |All posts
Its looking like this wasn't too bad of an idea i guess.

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Post on 2016-3-27 17:11 |All posts
That's actually very good idead not only easier to buy stuff but less lags for ppl with weaker pc in woodlingor.
So u have +1
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Post on 2016-3-27 22:25 |All posts
Yeah, in about 1 century the staff will read this, then in about 2 more centurys they remember and do it. Peace.

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Post on 2016-10-4 13:39 |All posts

player ideas go to waste.

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Post on 2017-4-11 05:26 |All posts
99% of what we suggested doesn't happen.
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