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Post on 2016-4-5 22:05 |All posts
我好不容易找到这里 我是资深的中国玩家
当我下载游戏,注册,  我才发现激活需要支付5S
但是我没办法支付美元  我只有中国的支付方式
我很想可以进去看看你的是怎么样的  如果你们有无用的账号  或许提供我体验体验  

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Post on 2016-4-5 23:44 |All posts

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Post on 2016-4-6 02:53 |All posts
I copied the text (Chinese) into google translate, and it translates as:
I finally found where I am a senior Chinese players
When I download the game , register, I found that activation requires payment 5S
But I can not pay my USD payment only China
And I do not speak English

Then says

I would like to be able to go in and see how you like if you are using the presence or absence of an account may offer my experience the experience

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Post on 2016-4-7 07:53 |All posts
sad  for new players to recharge 5bucks or more to create an account because of a former player.

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Post on 2016-4-7 16:26 |All posts
U still have to pay to make acc?
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Post on 2016-4-7 21:30 |All posts
They banned a hacker so they changed it to 5 usd just for him will prob change it to free soon.

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Post on 2016-4-12 14:36 |All posts
they killing off the game faster than i thought they would. yes it is now $5 to make a new account. as of 4-8-2015.

Note: About activation fees

Due to the large number of malicious registration, This will destroy the balance of the game, So we made a decision, each account need recharge $5, You can get ingots in the game, Thank you for your understanding and support


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why they sealed their fate this soon is beyond my comprehension, at least igg kept it up for a few years.

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Post on 2017-1-25 19:28 |All posts
i dont know if you can read this message.
all you need to do is to pay by paypal here: http://mw2.tdt.net/recharge.html
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