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Post on 2016-5-8 01:09 |All posts
TDT should have a discord server which would be awesome if they want to connect better with there customers and would help with myth wars community, alot of people are using it and i dont see why TDT shouldnt either, so community tell me if this is a good idea or not cuz for me the forums doesnt help as much as i want it to

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Post on 2016-5-8 23:57 |All posts
it would be awesome but who knows. TDT is here to win win, if they're not going to get a profit out of it, your not going to see it.

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Post on 2016-5-9 00:57 |All posts
Reply Superman 's thread

the problem with game companies these days is that they only care about making money, if TDT doesnt work on myth war and its community this game will crash and burn and they wont be making money from this game any longer,they are not thinking about the long run or getting more people to start playing this game or even trying to make it better, they even took stuff out og the game which makes it worse

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Post on 2016-10-18 17:45 |All posts
We could create an unofficial Discord server. I've been using Discord for almost a year now. It's pretty neat!

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Post on 2017-1-20 16:46 |All posts
has a unoffical discord been created for this mw2 yet?

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Post on 2017-7-26 13:49 |All posts
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Post on 2019-3-4 02:02 |All posts

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Post on 2020-8-7 00:38 |All posts
Last edited by Genis221221221 on 2020-8-7 00:44

I have a Discord thats a gaming community, currently growing, Currently 200+ people and i could throw Mythwar 2 as a category in there if i get peeps to join, will be unofficial, but at least we could share stuff there with it being Deleted or something

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Post on 2020-9-7 16:14 |All posts
Last edited by Drayken on 2020-9-7 03:15

I made a Discord server a few months ago for the sake of formatting practice but I haven't shared it as I never really intended to moderate or publicize it. Feel free to join, however don't expect me to maintain/upgrade/moderate the server much if at all. It has basic moderation bots, class roles & activity roles, formatted channels and that's pretty much it. Reminder that there will not be official TDT staff in control of this server.

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