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Author: benni07

Possible pets to be added in upcoming updates  

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Post on 2016-5-25 19:40 |All posts
Oh good spend more usd get these dumb pets

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Post on 2016-5-27 18:42 |All posts
Should I thank TDT for the expensive pets that'll be created?

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Post on 2016-5-27 20:29 |All posts
Last edited by zabegan34 on 2016-5-27 20:30

New pet or recharge pet?
No doubt if this one will going around 2-3k usd
Some people call them daemons, I call them b*tches.
-Uncle Bourbon - Metro 2033

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Post on 2016-5-27 20:39 |All posts
What a steal! Only 2000 us dollars!!!11!1111!!

tbh the best looking pets are still  the dieties, all newer pets look like they grabbed sprites from another game

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Post on 2016-5-30 16:58 |All posts
Chang E 1200 usd....

The more i see this, the more i lose will to keep on playing... i don't spend 100 usd with my 2 dogs per month... why would i do it for a virtual pet that will disappear with 1 or 2 years...

TDT business model needs to change fast or it will die for lack of players
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