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What you think about the game now?

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Post on 2016-11-26 11:15 |All posts
This is a post intended for the more experienced players.
I find some new players and i try to help them as much as i can. However im not an experienced player and there's a lot of stuff i dont know. I think nowadays the game is pretty much soloplayer except for the trades. There is almost never people trying to fill their parties to do quests because they have a full party with their own accounts. I feel that the few people that are coming to the game for the first time don't have an ideia what the game is now.
Since i feel that the game needs players that are in all stages of the game and not only very advanced players, im doing this post to  try to persuade more experienced players to help the newbies to understand the game better and be more friendly. I know that some players think like myself and try to help, but i also feel that a lot of players don't really care about the newcomers. I fear that they will leave, since the game is not very self explanatory.
I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Tell me what you think.
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Post on 2016-11-29 20:20 |All posts
Reply andr694 's thread

lots of people always help new player. but its doesn't mean we not do our stuff that time. I helped lots of people and they always need even in seal, wood, bly, drow and they only want 1 hit mages from pro players. Is pro players have no work? and if you need always help then how older player reached there without any help. I glad to help new player but not always. New players ( who are lazy)  always stay in wood and ask for help in world chat spamming 2-3 hr. but they never go any map solo for lvl up till you get any help. Even if you start leading for them they gone afk. However I play only 1-2 hr daily I try to help them.

We always glad to help them but new player should read game Forum before play this game. I always suggest them to do that. mostly there qns and doubt can be resolve easily.

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Post on 2016-11-30 07:31 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2016-11-29 18:39

meh. this game is repetitive if they cannot level it on a easier level as 1st rb, you can 3-5round drows with 2borg team, 2 mages, 1 cent as nonrb... I had a 2-90'ish team of 1 mage, 1 crit cent, 2 fborgs, 1 mhum 1-90'ish and doing drowcrusher in two rounds, not very good gears either, just auto afk. I've done many guides here as well...
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Post on 2016-11-30 18:00 |All posts
sadly people want mw1 but they can't play it like it's mw1.

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Post on 2017-4-11 05:17 |All posts
Reply magicalnoob 's thread

Having MW I again, everyone one would try to power lvl and max to 1-124 ASAP with 5-10 alts. MW I- will just bring memories and the fun wouldn't last.
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