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is TDT a real company?    

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Post on 2017-1-25 19:18 |All posts
hello, i am from hong kong, and my English is not really good. ( so pls tell me if there are any grammar mistake/ something wrong) i am a old player of igg / Taiwan/ Chinese MW&MW2.i just find this server from google today....

i have read this page (http://mw2.tdt.net/contact.html), in which TDT says they are a "Hong Kong company".
you can see that they provided a lot of information about its "company".
but i have did some research (by google) and find that the information is not real.

1.Company No.: 1901503

According to https://www.hkgbusiness.com/en/c ... es-Hongkong-Limited,
company No.1901503 is owned by a company called "YOUZU GAMES HONGKONG LIMITED"
and the date of Incorporation is on 3 May 2013 (Friday).

and you can read the TDT webside(http://mw2.tdt.net/abouts.html). TDT said they are founded in 2010.
( "YOUZU" is founded in 2009 in China https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youzu_Interactive)

the company No. is fake.

2. Registered Address: Room 15B, 15F, Cheuk Nang Plaza, 250 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

i dont really know if they are there. but there are lots of company in this address.
http://www.hk-bq.com/hk/lxwm/  )
so this registered address may be only for them to Register a "company"......
you may not see any staff in this address.

i dont think it is operating in accordance with law.
can anyone tells me how many people  are still playing this game? or is anyone from China/ TW/ HK ?
i am wonder if i should buy a account ( or 5 account).....

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Post on 2017-1-25 19:30 |All posts
also pls tell me if there is any other MW/ Mw2 server

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Post on 2017-1-26 02:30 |All posts
Nobody can tell for real,, it seems as if TDT opened right the very same day they opened their servers for Myth War II.

Putting things aside, being a Chinese player, why don't you just play the Chinese Version instead? It's a lot more updated and better, a lot of people would prefer to play there if their chinese skills where at least somewhat average.

In my honest opinion, if you want to play here and pay the 5$ fee to create some accounts, go for it, this server is running since November of 2015 and there haven't been any issues so far, and there wont be any in the future hopefully.

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Post on 2017-1-26 03:09 |All posts
no this company is fake and it lies since it does not run any phone games.

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Post on 2017-1-27 21:12 |All posts
Last edited by Stormknight on 2017-1-27 08:16

Doesn't really matter if it's a real company or not, your not really forced to spend $100+ on pets. There's ways you could look at the $5 barrier, positive is people will just make multiples of lv1 mules to store 100m extra, prevent server overload and negative everyone runs their own 5chars unless you care about having 2x strong mage paths, the highest growth human or borg which is more of a pvp thing... A phone game I play makes you pay $1 to prevent multiple account making and server overload.

There has been times the server had made exceptions to remove $5 charge for about 2weeks I think twice.

Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2017-1-28 08:01 |All posts
School Kids run this game.

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Post on 2017-2-15 03:55 |All posts
thank you for replying me
now i am playing the chinese server (51wgg)
this is much more easy to get skill exp ( i forget its real name....) by killing the Ghost ( level from 1 to 14 , like Hurricane system) and everything is so cheap.
but there are lots of liar.
about 10%~25% players know English. and the admin is studying in the UK.
you can come to play after this server not running anymore.
and i will support  you guys .
(maybe you can copy some file or whole folder from english ver.  to chinese ver.? i dont really know how)

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Post on 2017-2-21 22:41 |All posts
This company don.t run any other game, only MW2 itself but lied that they have other games. Glad someone did their research before trying game

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Post on 2017-2-22 04:59 |All posts
Last edited by zabegan34 on 2017-2-22 04:59

glad somebody made thread for this. From their first day i thought there is something bad there.. From selling pets for 5.000 usd, to no-updates.
I can't understand how people are still willing to drop their money
This is more likely like a abandoned private server for this game.  They still don't have official site like igg.com.
Well i guess this ""company"" is just for money laundering, which is opposite of the law.
Some people call them daemons, I call them b*tches.
-Uncle Bourbon - Metro 2033

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Post on 2017-3-31 23:51 |All posts
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