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Where's the newbies?

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Post on 2017-2-7 22:04 |All posts
A bit late to the party but by chance yesterday I happened upon an archived reddit post about Myth War 2 returning, obviously hopes a bit high I went found it was real and here I am.
On topic I started yesterday and didn't think anything of seeing any newbies besides me, it wasn't until I kept painstakingly doing quest runs I thought "huh hardly any newbies around" (besides vendors/alts).

TL;DR Am I the only noob?

P.S. If anybody by chance remembers my old character I used to be Glitch_Angel and let me tell you, the grind is real haha.. either that or nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

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Post on 2017-2-22 18:47 |All posts
Reply Nitaire 's thread

new players wont come or play this game because you'll have to charge $5 usd for game play, while it suppose to be free-to-play. Somehow it's Pay-to-Play or Pay-to-Win.

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Post on 2017-2-28 15:40 |All posts
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This has been said many times already...
1. Rarely new players will come to an old game.
2. Mythwar 2 is more centered around running your own 5 because of the skill system change from mythwar 1.

Grinding here is much easier than IGG imo when it took me 3yrs to go from nonrb to 2ndrb before 3rd rb release 5 or 6 yrs ago, just I don't have a lot of time anymore and went to nonrb to 2nd in 5-6months of random playing.
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2017-2-28 18:16 |All posts
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Stormknight posted on 2017-2-28 15:40
This has been said many times already...
1. Rarely new players will come to an old game.
2. Mythwar  ...

number 2 can go many different ways.
People who turn away will look at console games as a better option.

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Post on 2017-3-23 20:58 |All posts
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I'm a newbie/noob. like most games it the community that attracts new players, and keeps them. in the 2 weeks I have played no1 helped me or answered any post I did in world chat. I also have no idea or info on y I keep getting world sever disconnected. 2 weeks here n stuff like this with no response from admin or any1. I lik this game, I will play mor if the game come online again

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Post on 2017-3-25 06:19 |All posts
dead game.
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