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To Rose

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Post on 2018-11-6 07:57 |All posts

My name is stuart, I am very wealthy and used to love playing this game when I was younger. I want to buy the rights to everything you purchased from IGG, you may be asking why? main reason is I tried my best to find myth war and could not its hidden away like a piece of dark web history, I'm not sure why you guys bought the game when you cannot run a simple server with everything already set-up it is not a difficult process for anyone older than 10.

I'm willing to pay whatever you ask as price is of no concern to myself, sometimes the best things in life are the simple ones and for me this game was a pleasure unfortunately yourself and others ruined the experience for many, by taking on a task too large for yourself. Please get back to me I assure you I'm not wasting your time.



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Post on 2018-11-6 08:06 |All posts
Apologies for the double post. I also noticed you are trying your best to "Fleece" many players i know of out of money. For example the $1000 for a diety "Event" you put on is a disgrace i hope you are proud of yourself, seems you have not made a single fix or even attempt to put on an event for the only people that pay for your poor existance how selfish.

you ruined something that was so special to many people dragged it in the dirt then kicked the old player base down. You should be ashamed of yourselfs.

Misbehaven, Benni, i know almost every player in the forums in some way, they will not know me as i will not disclose who i am. Just get back to me ASAP after seing how greedy  and devlish this company is im not sure I will even contemplate your "Offer"

As for the playerbase that is left, i feel so sorry for you if you feel the way i did "and still do" about this game i feel the pain that you do.

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Post on 2018-11-7 14:32 |All posts
Chinese mw shut down sometime this year. They're in the same problem, wants to play this game, there was very small group was willing to spend $5 to migrate here.
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Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2018-11-7 20:21 |All posts
Reply Stormknight 's thread

Hi Storm,

The problem even with the chinese version was publicity and "want" from the public, this game will never have a major player base, it never did to be honest.

But it certainly will have more than it has now in the right hands, looking through the forums etc i am actually disgusted how this company has dealt with this game its a diamond in the rough and wont be dug-up by these scam artists.

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Post on 2018-11-9 03:52 |All posts
I had my share of fanmade and private servers with playerbase 200-1000. I play this game 3months out of 12months, cause of how it handled.

I don't think rose will read the forums. Emailing support@tdt.net would be your best bet.
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2018-11-9 16:20 |All posts
Very respectful reply from director.

Hello stuart,

I'm the director of mythwar2 game. what I want to say is that since IGG shut down the game, we found that many old players miss it very much. so we bought the copyright and code of the game from IGG. then run the game up again.
cause this game is too old, we do not have much budget to modify it. and most of the game's income is used to fill the cost of copyright purchases. and game servers, technicians' expenses.



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Post on 2018-11-15 20:38 |All posts
If only they listened to the suggestions section and change where they could instead.
Not the creator of patch......
Mythwar been dead since 2007.

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Post on 2019-3-4 22:47 |All posts
Hey there, I sent you some messages if you're still around. You might be interested.

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Post on 2019-11-14 17:45 |All posts
Me here! Alooone.
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