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Nubcake 2022-10-27 21:14
hey remember me...wench of 420
CatalinMage 2020-2-5 22:22
Hey Storm. Check your site, I left you a question there.
Stormknight 2018-1-31 11:38
What's worse, ch mw is more stable to me than this mythwar host is...
Stormknight 2018-1-31 11:37
Yeah, I won't return either, I've been saying it 20times though, but since rose can't keep a stable environment for everyone(which it isn't my internet because I play other online games just fine...)
koriotto 2018-1-1 11:09
Stormknight: shit you lost a lot of stuff. Doubt they'll bring back dragon server back, rose been changing server hosts for past 2 weeks to solve phoenix's connect ...
=/ well, what else can I do ahaha already left rose and admin a pm but I know that wont make a difference, but tbh I didnt want to come back ahahha
Weed 2018-1-1 04:25
Weed 2018-1-1 04:23
50683621 2017-11-23 11:56
koriotto 2017-3-22 04:24
Stormknight: idk if you got my other post but hit view all if you can't see it all...
I was posting how to get started on ch mw2 with cheap skills since TP is obt ...
oh no... i cant see the other post =/ srry

and tnks for the info
koriotto 2017-3-17 12:37
Stormknight : ch mw2 is little more updated just it gets real money differently than English version that IGG last hosted. 1. Something called the training hall, i ... Sup Bro, i notice you post on my message wall but I cant seem to understand it =/ like what was the question? xD If its for the post i did on 21 December needed help and checking  out Ch version? Already checked it it was nice and about the help its all good now 2-134 might 3rd reb next week All cool a ... ...
muti123 2016-11-12 18:26
hello bro
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